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Mysterious and wonderful match

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The butterfly-like kiss was like a pebble thrown into the water with ripples. Shao Yunren was shocked by it and stroked her cheek with her hand in a trance, which had just been branded by her kiss. It was the first time she had kissed him on her own initiative! It's just printed on my cheeks, but it feels so warm. “When do you start work?” “Satisfied with her happiness?” He asked with a chuckle. I'm going to report for duty tomorrow. He grinned and pulled him to sit down on the sofa. So soon? “Yes!” He nodded heavily to show that what he said was true, and then immediately looked puzzled. In fact, I also feel very strange! After interview of this kind of big company commonly, not even evaluate a few days, just inform next have be admitted? But when it was my turn, the examiner asked a few questions and said to my face that I was hired! It's even more strange! There were a lot of people waiting for the interview behind her, but the examiner hired her on the spot! Didn't he think about the people in the back? Hearing this, Shao Yunren probably guessed what was going on! It must be the eldest brother who called the personnel director and asked him to add Zhu Nuannuan as a candidate. Although it is all by ability, but the personnel director is not a fool, since the president personally named the person,gear reduction motor, even if not. To flatter and flatter, we should also understand that Cheng Yaojin, who came out halfway, has something to do with his immediate superior. Smart people think with their knees and know what to do. There's nothing strange about it! To hire is to hire! Make light of it and resolve her doubts. Hey. That's right! The mood was elated again, and he smiled at him mysteriously. I'm telling you,High Torque 12v Dc Motor, I had a supernatural event today! Shao Yunren was stunned and looked at her stiffly. It's true, I don't lie to you, but I thought he didn't believe it. I hurriedly raised my hand and swore that I didn't take the first written examination, but my name was listed in the second interview. I gave him an exaggerated description. So that's what happened! He breathed a sigh of relief, and his tight body relaxed. Shao Yunren did not say a word, but listened to her narration with a smile. …… Look! Isn't that amazing? His big blinking eyes sparkled and he grinned. It must be my deep blessing to have such mysterious good luck. “Good luck indeed.” Agree and suggest by the way. In order to celebrate the successful admission, I always have a big dinner tonight to congratulate you! “Well, well.” He clapped his hands in agreement and ordered without hesitation. Didi. Didi. The regular ringing of the mobile phone cut off her words. Sorry With a slight nod of guilt, Shao Yunren grabbed the cell phone on his waist and answered it. Except for the first sentence “Hello”, Vending Machine Motor ,Planetary Gear Motor, he did not go in and out of the second sentence. He listened attentively to the voice of the other side. The more he listened, the more dignified he looked. Finally, he said “I will go there” and cut off the call. Nuannuan, I.. “It doesn't matter!”! There's a temporary case, isn't there? Look at him sympathetically. Zhu Nuannuan is very considerate. You go quickly! You can help me celebrate another day! Alas. It's really hard to be a policeman. Even when you get home, you have to be put out! The common people should really thank them for their hard work in maintaining law and order. Don't go out alone. It's dangerous. He exhorted in a serious tone. Yes! The police! Exaggerated to hold up three fingers and look like a boy scout swearing. Seeing this, he just smiled and left the house in a hurry without saying much. Watching his figure disappear behind the closed door, Zhu Nuannuan nests on the sofa, looking up at the ceiling in a daze, the huge house without his breath, suddenly feel a little lonely. Ding Ding Dang.. Ding Ding Dang.. The sound of the merry Christmas bell made her jump to her feet. My phone! He ran into the room quickly and took out his small mobile phone from his backpack. Hello? I am Nuannuan. “Nonsense!”! If you are not warm, are you cold? From the other end of the phone, there was a sarcastic voice, which made her smile immediately. “Coco, it's you!” “No one answered my phone in the small suite, and I couldn't get through to my cell phone until now. What the hell are you doing?” “Oh..” Zhu Nuannuan felt guilty and giggled, not daring to tell his good friend what had happened to him recently, as for the fact that his mobile phone was not working. Hey hey, that's because after I moved here, I didn't go out of the door all day, and I didn't go out of the door. I've been a rice worm for several days. Even my mobile phone was left in my luggage and didn't come out. Of course, I don't know if it's out of power. It wasn't until last night that I thought I was going out for an interview today that I found it to charge. Don't get away with giggling! “Oops!”! I forgot to charge it! Coco is so smart! What about the phone in the junior suite? Why didn't anyone answer? I.. I don't live there now! I had to tell the truth. I don't live there. Where else? Why don't you live well? What the hell are you doing? Hear your friend's nervous tone. Zhu Nuannuan laughed carefully and quickly fabricated excuses. Because, because the lease expired, the landlord wanted to raise the rent, I thought it was too expensive, and my friend had a vacant room here, so he asked me to move in for a while. “So that's it!”! Why don't you just come and live with me? “No way!”! I'm not a light bulb with a hundred candles! Deny a friend's good intentions and quickly shift the focus. Coco, I have good news for you! “What?” “They have been admitted by Donghao Enterprise and will go to work tomorrow!” I'm so excited to share my happiness. Yeah! True or false? Big consortia and big enterprises! Really, really! I think I'm so lucky that people are afraid of me! That's great! Congratulations! Go! I'll treat you to a big meal tonight to celebrate,24v Dc Motor With Gearbox, celebrate! “Well..” Ok Zhu Nuannuan thought about it and then agreed. She didn't disobey Shao Yunren's advice and went out alone! She's with a friend, so there shouldn't be any danger. Where do you live now? I'll pick you up in my husband's car. “Oh!” Without much thought, she reflexively read out the name of the senior residential building. Hello! Are you right? 。 ichgearmotor.com


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