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DermaWorld Skin, Hair, and Laser Clinic is committed to transforming the lives of many individuals by providing the best laser hair removal treatment using the state of the art laser technology. Many people want to achieve a hair-free smooth skin, but due to myths surrounding this treatment, they are hesitant to go for this treatment. In this blog, one can debunk the myths surrounding this treatment and can consult Dr. Rohit Batra, best laser hair removal doctor in Delhi at DermaWorld Skin, Hair, and Laser Clinic to know more about this treatment in detail. 

Let us debunk some of the myths about laser hair removal as below:

Myth: It is a very painful treatment.

Fact: Laser hair removal is actually considered painless. However, since many people have different perceptions and pain thresholds, it might be difficult to distinguish between each person and what they would experience with the treatment. Most people experience a tingling feeling and to manage the discomfort numbing and cooling gel is applied to make the treatment pain-free. The skin may become red after the treatment and this generally corrects within a few hours of the treatment.

Myth: It will not work on people who have dark skin.

Fact: Thanks to recent scientific advancements which have made it possible for the hair to get removed from darker skin. Now laser hair removal technology is safe for dark skin tones also. Dr. Rohit Batra, the best skin specialist in Delhi uses ALMA Soprano ICE technology, which is also suitable for all skin types and can effectively remove hair from dark skin tones also.

Myth: It is a lengthy procedure.

Fact: It only takes about 5-8 treatment sessions to get rid of 90 % of all unwanted hair, and patients are usually encouraged to repeat their sessions every 6-8 weeks. One can observe the difference just after the first session and repeated sessions can help one to get the desired results. Maintenance sessions twice a year are also recommended to maintain the outcome of the results.

Myth: It is extremely expensive.

Fact: The overall cost of laser hair removal depends on the size of the area to be treated and the number of sessions provided. However, it is a much more cost-effective method of removing unwanted hair than purchasing razors regularly as well as getting waxed every 15-20 days. Not only this, laser hair removal eliminates the pain that comes along with other methods such as waxing. Thinking of getting laser hair removal in Delhi? Consult the best skin and laser expert in Delhi at DermaWorld Skin, Hair, and Laser Clinic who can help you get rid of unwanted hair. To know more about the treatment consult Dr. Rohit Batra.

Myth: It is not at all safe.

Fact: The laser used in laser hair removal attracts the pigments in the hair follicles, therefore it only targets the hair follicle and the laser heat does not affect the surrounding tissue or skin. There is no risk of burn and side effects if the treatment is performed by an expert laser treatment doctor using the best machines in a suitable setting. To get a safe and effective best laser hair removal in Delhi, schedule a visit at DermaWorld Skin, Hair, and Laser Clinic.


Myth: Laser hair removal makes hair grow more frequently.

Fact: After each session, the hair that ultimately grows back is usually much finer and lighter than it was before.


Myth: Laser hair removal ensures permanent hair removal.

Fact: The hair follicle is permanently damaged by laser hair removal, which prevents hair regrowth from that follicle. However, most people require maintenance sessions after laser hair removal because of the density of hair follicles throughout the body and the natural changes that occur over time. Over time, these maintenance appointments decrease, to the point that many people just need a touch-up every year or two. Although the benefits of laser hair removal in Delhi are long-lasting, this does not indicate that this treatment removes unwanted hair completely.

Myth: Laser hair removal is time-consuming.

Fact: A laser hair removal session might be quick depending on the area of the body. For example, underarm treatment could take 5-10 minutes. The bikini area and the face are two more areas that can be treated quickly whereas laser hair removal on the back and legs require more time.


Laser hair removal in Delhi is an excellent way to get rid of unwanted hair and achieve smooth skin. To know more about this treatment, schedule an appointment with the best laser hair removal doctor Dr. Rohit Batra at DermaWorld Skin, Hair, and Laser Clinic, best laser hair removal clinic in Delhi.



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