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One of the key application of nanotechnology is in medicine,nano-medicine ranges from the medical application such asnanoelectronic biosensors, nanomaterial, biological device, andbiological machines. The application of nanotechnology for drugdelivery offer the potential for targeted delivery and enhancedtreatment with fewer side effects. Nanostructured drug deliveryapplications occur through the use of nanomaterials, making deliverysystems from nanoscale molecules such as liposomes. The Food and DrugAdministration (FDA) has already approved some nanotechnology-basedproducts, and expects a significant increase in the use of nanoscalematerials in drugs, devices, biologics, cosmetics, and food.

Theaforementioned factors are expected to augment the growth of theNanostructuredDrug Market, worldwide. Nanostructured drugs are designed toreduce the side effects related to drugs as well as decrease itstreatment and consumption costs. These drugs find applications incardiovascular/physiology, consumption, anti-inflammatory/immunology,anti-infective, and others. Moreover, the growth of thenanostructured drug market is attributed to the increase in researchand development and growing awareness among people about the benefitsoffered by them in terms of shelf-life, drug stability, dosage, andbioavailability. This in turn is expected to increase the demand fornanostructured drugs worldwide.

Growthof the Nanostructured Drug Market, in North America and the AsiaPacific, is driven by the increasing prevalence of chronic diseasesand rowing geriatric population in these regions. The number ofpopulation susceptible to various chronic diseases is increasingrapidly in both regions.

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