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Natural black hair ranges from wavy to kinky-coily, with a wide range of variations between the two. Each strand of the black hair type (afro) grows in a tiny, angle-like helix shape.

Keeping natural hair takes a lot to maintain, unlike straight hair. Especially when you have to wash it and style it. It can be frustrating when it tangles, breaks and shrinks. These breakages and shrinkages inspired the need for protective hairstyles Thereby, aiding to decrease tangling and breakage.

Characteristics of Natural Black Hair

  • Tight curls and kinks – commonly called afro, it is spiral in structure and curls on itself during growth
  • Drier and more fragile than other hair textures
  • More voluminous than wavy or curly hair due to its tighter curl pattern
  • Less oily than straight hair
  • Grows out and not down
  • Prone to shrinkage (loss of length) – this is due to its kinky texture. Shrinkage affects all black hair. The only way to eliminate shrinkage is to straighten your hair

Despite many misconceptions about natural black hair, most people still find its tightly coiled structure, unique and quite beautiful. Cornrow is one of the hairstyles that work very well with natural black hair.

Heat Styling Natural Black Hair

Heat styling can straighten Natural Hair Salon but can as well damage it when overly done without applying a heat protectant.

Cornrow Braid Styles for Men

Men are not left out when it comes to styling natural hair, they also love to wear their hair in a protective hairstyle.

Cornrows are braided very close to the scalp. They are one of the most common, stylish, and low-maintenance hairstyles for black men. They are the ideal hairstyle for guys who love to rock and roll and at the same time be gentlemen.

Cornrows come in many styles of short, long, big, small, and many other styles & cuts to give men a trendy look. Small cornrows are great for men with thin hair as this makes their hair appear longer and fuller.

With plenty of men cornrow styles to explore, here are some of the coolest braids to try:

1. Straight Back and Simple

It is just as the name implies; straight, back, and simple. The Braids are weaved all backward in simplicity and elegance.

2. Cornrow Waves

Cornrow waves are braided like the wave pattern. It is ideal for a traditional style. Taking its cues from the classic front-to-back cornrow pattern, cornrow waves add a subtle curve that creates a radiant wavy look.

3. Cornrows with Fade

Another cool way to wear a cornrow braid is by combining it with a fade. This is a very unique style that is formed when braids are made to form cornrows and the hair at the sides is then shaved off to give fade.

4. Cornrow with Fade and Knot

This style combines cornrow fade with the unique and eye-catching look of a braided knot at the back. It is simple, time-saving, attractive, and ideal for summer.

5. Cornrows with Drop Fade

When cornrows are paired with a drop fade, it is both cool, elegant, and stylish.

With a tapered cut, the drop fade curves with your head’s shape to create a smooth gradient.

6. Feed-in braids

This style is for a lighter, clean-looking cornrowed look.

7. Side Cornrows

Side cornrows drop down to your ears and neckline instead of your back.

8. Two cornrows with an Undercut

Double Braids for men are fast becoming modern and appealing. It can be styled with a fade, a top knot, and so on.

With neat braiding and maintenance, cornrows can last from two weeks to five weeks.

Regrowths appearing on the braids are unavoidable (because your hair keeps growing) and as such makes the braids look untidy. This implies that you have to redo your hairstyle quite often.

Caring for Your Natural Black Hair

To care for your hair, you must first understand your hair type. Know your hair texture, structure, and other tips.

  • Find your wash routine
  • Reduce heat usage
  • Trim your hair regularly
  • Invest in a quality salon visit
  • Hydrate and oil your hair always
  • Use protective styles
  • Eat Healthy Meals For Your Hair Needs
  • Deep Condition Your Natural Hair
  • Take care of your ends —trim them and oil them. cut off split ends
  • Use the right hair products for your hair. Endeavor to use a sulfate-free shampoo


Whether a fade, taper, undercut, or shaved sides, cornrow braids are protective as well as attractively stylish for black men. Do check us out for your classic black hair braiding here in Oklahoma City.


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