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 New Hemp Joint & Muscle Active Relief GelOpioid addiction so if they're not getting in on the regulation side but they're signing off on human trials is there something maybe to read in between the lines there as to what could happen i think hemp cream for pain relief 

there is something to be read there joe quite frankly i think the fda is you know as we all know taking its sweet time and coming up with regulations regarding cbd but i think this is a great step in the right.

New Hemp Joint & Muscle Active Relief Gel


Direction and i believe the name of the company that they authorized this investigational drug distinction to was by the name of ananda scientific and as you mentioned it was designed to reduce opioid addiction and the idea behind it is we're going to use something that is non-addictive to help curb these addictive behaviors and people that are struggling with opioid addiction the interesting thing about this study as well is it's also funded by the national institute on drug excuse me drug abuse so i think you're seeing two pretty big players potentially recognizing the value or the benefit of cbd and or you know its ability to help people fight uh you know certain ailments or addictions.

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That they're dealing with um so i think it is a sign of good things to come joe uh but as you well know we're gonna have to sit on the sidelines and wait and see and speaking of the federal level there are some hemp bills that may be worth watching in 2022 what are some of the key ones a few that i would like to talk about you know one of them is the cbd product safety and standardization act of 2021 and what this really does is it establishes federal standards and requires the fda to actually regulate cbd in food and beverages so this would be a very big step forward by giving the hemp cream 

fda that authority and you know hopefully removing any sort of stigma or scrutiny that they might have surrounding regulating cbd so if this is passed the fda would issue regulations specifying the amount of cbd that can be included per serving it would also talk about labeling and packaging requirements and conditions of intended use now what we see in as you very well pointed out is states across the country are trying to do just that and you know the states being the laboratories of democracy they're coming up with their own standards for packaging and for labeling.

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And all of these other things however you could say that you know one state right across the border is wildly different than the next state and in certain states different types of products aren't even available to be distributed so what this would actually do i think is create a very uniform way of you know regulating cbd products and allowing consumers to see that well the federal government has gotten behind this you know maybe it's not as scary as we thought or maybe it's not the marijuana that everybody made it out to be so i think it could be a really good step forward with that one joe the next one that i want to mention is the hemp economic mobilization plan and this was put together by senator paul out of kentucky who as he said feels the need to uh change the hemp industry or save the hemp industry better said and what this program would actually do is it would amend the definition of hemp on the federal level from 0.3 percent delta 9 thc to be one percent um so that you know point seven percent





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