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The way so definitely over half of the states still to go and i have some in the can i just need to edit them but we'll bring you guys some of those videos soon as well summer's wrapping up so enjoy your family enjoy vacations getting ready to get back to the school uh if there is gonna be a normal school year and i know that uh the the coronavirus is still out there  hemp cream so everybody stay safe if you have not already get vaccinated it's the best thing that you can do for yourself and others be well and we'll talk.

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How are you i hope you're having an absolutely magical day so today we're going to be reviewing a delta 8 company well it's not a delta 8 company it's a hemp company buy a hemp company it's literally in their name except of course they do delta 8 products so there are a lot of cbd companies out on the market that decided to venture into delta a that's cool that's fine that's awesome actually because they already had a lot of base knowledge and all they needed to do was add a tiny bit more knowledge to get to delta eight however this company went like 10 steps

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 Further and i ove it for that the reason why is because they don't only focus on cbd they want to tailor in all of the other cannabinoids and terpenes to create like a really specific product i have noticed that cbd doesn't really work for me as much as i wish it did but if i take another cbd product that has those other cannabinoids and like a focused terpene tailored in terpene blend included i feel the effects the point is that until now i have not found a delta 8 brand that does the same thing yes it absolutely does get you high and i have been absolutely godsmacked blasted on my ass from taking accidentally taking too much and i smoke weed every single day every single day for the last couple of years because delta 8 is an entirely different cannabinoid it can hit you entirely different than delta 9 does without further ado how about we just get into this that we could take a couple things and then um visit again in a little bit and see what the effects are this is a c cell which uh immediately i was already like hemp pain relief cream uk  you for the quality c cell batteries and carts are by far the best in my personal opinion and in a lot in most people's personal opinion vape components that you can get because they use a ceramic heating element and it has a tiny a bunch of tiny little holes in it that can help thicker oil vaporize a lot better and so that they don't clog you also get a lot more of a pure tasting hits feels a lot smoother it's just overall a much better experience so i was very excited.


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