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Regulations of the industry as well so we will see changes the economics of the industry but the moment that congress legalizes marijuana doesn't mean it's going to be legal in tennessee or idaho or yeah hemp cream great and who's who's making money on marijuana right now you know i think that there are lots and lots of people growing it the idea is that oh my goodness this is a you know a bottomless pit of cash is that really true the lawyers certainly are because it's great for us right because there are so many legal questions out there um that the picks and shovels you know the people.

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 who sell inputs are making a lot of money um the people who are in the industry there there are some who are making money off this because the each state is kind of granted them in a lot of states a state licensed monopoly or oligopoly so new york for example when they had just medical marijuana they're only a handful of companies that were licensed to grow process and sell the drive so if you've got one of those licenses you can make money off of that it's tougher in other states like colorado where hemp pain relief cream uk  they have a thousand companies right now they're licensed to grow process for sell marijuana um it's tougher to make a buck on this and it's going to get a lot.

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Tougher the moment congress legalizes because yeah you've got you're going to be facing national competition out there are there any estimates of how much money let's say that at some point all 50 states have legal marijuana uh and so we're not we're not it's not criminalized any longer so is there any estimate on how much money might be saved from the cost of incarceration yeah so there have been estimates in the past marijuana historically accounted for a staggering number of arrests with criminal justice systems almost a million people every year were arrested for marijuana offenses um maybe 10 15 years ago and those arrests cost money when people are actually prosecuted it doesn't happen too often for simple possession but it does happen for trafficking offenses cost money to prosecute them cost money to put them in prison there were estimates on pending that hemp pain relief cream uk  number number somewhere from three to five billion dollars annually that we expended just on policing marijuana prohibitions in the united states and those expenditures they don't go away entirely because now you've got this regulatory apparatus you need to to supervise the legal industry you need to inspect it test it and so on um but those numbers would drop dramatically i think in the criminal justice system all right great and you know it just from listening to a couple of ziva's answers on therapeutics it kind of seems to me that public policy that this there's not the science in place to support public policy right now is that a correct conclusion and if that's true then uh what are the obstacles to prov


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