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 Radiation from the sun so it's much easier to air condition greenhouses now than it used to be and when they air condition them we control humidity and we can elevate co2 so these are similar all right there's the whole talk indoor production two things but everything i say is relevant to both the now let's take a look at what i call the nine cardinal parameters for growth i've shown this slide several times and and other people have used it um so it's it's worth going through this again when we go inside we control all of these parameter.

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And uh that's of significance is co2 we elevate co2 that enhances photosynthesis 30 percent maybe even 40 percent if it allows us to use a higher temperature when we elevate co2 because of photorespiration it's a huge difference with indoor also we might up here hemp cream for pain relief  control the light unlike outside the sun comes up in the morning and we get we can't control whether it's cloudy or not we can control when we plant when we harvest indoors we have a huge control of light with leds i'm going to talk about leds in a minute we can turn up the leds and really increase the light and wow cannabis is an absolutely high light crop.

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It's like some race car that you can drive 400 miles an hour if you can pour enough light in but when you put all that light in the transpiration rate goes up so you need more water need more water you need more nutrients respiration the root zone goes up you need more oxygen that the optimum temperature is higher you need more wind blowing through the crop to help cool it light drives everything it's a huge factor and in this lab we spent a lot of time studying light so that's a concept of all the things you can do with indoor production to elevate.

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There's our expensive inputs particularly the light but when the product is high value all of this is economically justified we have been studying in this lab medical hemp which we also call low thc cannabis it's all cannabis sativa the same genus and species the low thc is what's federally legal now and that's the crop that we're studying at at universities that's in contrast to high hemp cream  cannabis that is psychoactive but federally illegal so all of our licenses for low thc when i say cannabis i'm always referring to the low thc type which has earned the nickname hemp but hemp is for often for rope and for clothes so then we say medical hemp because this is grown for pharmaceuticals not for seed and fiber this is such a big thing that last year we developed and taught


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