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ndis registered provider in Melbourne

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Top 5 Supported Independent Living (Sil) Service Providers in Victoria Australia 2024

ndis registered provider in Melbourne

Supported Independent Living (SIL) is a very important service for people with disabilities. It provides personalised support to help them live on their own. Picking the right SIL service provider is essential for making sure that people have a happy and supportive living experience.

In Victoria, Australia, there are many providers, but we've made a list of the top 5 for 2024. We based our selection on things like accreditation, the services they offer, the quality of the places to live, and the qualifications of the staff.

(SIL) is a special service made to help people with disabilities live independently. It's really important to choose the right SIL service provider because it directly affects how good the support and quality of life will be for individuals.

What Is Supported Independent Living (SIL)

Supported Independent Living is a kind of help that makes it easier for you to live in your own home. It includes getting assistance or someone keeping an eye on you while you do everyday things, such as taking care of yourself or cooking meals. This support is meant to help you live on your own as much as possible and also improve your skills. It is mainly for people who need a good amount of help at home all the time.

Different people need different types of support for their homes and living. (SIL) is just one option. There are other choices for help with your home and living that might be better for what you need and like.

Why Need Supported Independent Living (SIL)

(SIL) is really important for people with disabilities because it gives them essential help with everyday tasks like taking care of themselves and cooking. This assistance is especially useful for dealing with challenges that come from their disabilities. The main aim of SIL is to make these individuals more independent by helping them learn new skills and feel more confident in handling their daily activities.


What makes SIL special is that it provides personalised support, meaning it's tailored to fit the specific needs of each person. For those who need a lot of help, SIL ensures they get consistent support at home all day and night. In the end, SIL is essential for improving the overall quality of life for people with disabilities, letting them be more active in their communities and pursue their personal goals.

1. Polariscare

Polaris Care is a special place that helps people with their daily tasks and teaches them important skills to live on their own. They provide support in two ways: at the person's home and in shared living spaces.

Polaris Care is committed to giving individualised help for personal care, household chores, and learning the skills needed to be independent. Whether someone needs assistance at home or in a shared space, Polaris Care works hard to make sure everyone with different needs can do well and enjoy their lives.

2. Home Caring

Home Caring is all about making sure you can live a happy and healthy life by providing the support you need. Sometimes, we all need a bit of help to do the things that bring us joy.

With Home Caring, if you're living with a disability, we've got your back. We offer a kind of support called (SIL), funded by the NDIS. It looks after your daily needs and teaches you valuable skills to be as independent as possible.

Our local teams of disability professionals are here to give you personalised support tailored to your goals. Whether it's getting up in the morning, having someone with you during the day, helping with managing your money, or learning to do your laundry, we're here for you every step of the way.

3. Sunrise2Sunrise

Sunrise2Sunrise starts by offering a program called Supported Independent Living in Melbourne, Victoria. This special program is designed to give personalised help and tools that match each person's unique needs and dreams. We are committed to connecting individuals and their families with good service providers, government-funded programs, and community resources.

Finding the right support is crucial to help everyone reach their full potential. At Sunrise2Sunrise, our main mission is to empower people, include them, and help them be independent.

4. Afford

Afford is an experienced (SIL) provider in Australia. We've been helping people with disabilities find happy, safe, and accessible homes for over 70 years.

Our commitment is to make sure that your time in SIL accommodation is a good one. That means we talk closely with you, your family, or your carers to understand what you need and your goals for assisted living. If you're looking for a new SIL home, you can find one with us today!

5. BET Group

Bet Group specialises in supporting (SIL) through NDIS, helping individuals with disabilities achieve greater independence in their daily lives. SIL funding is dedicated to those requiring around-the-clock support in shared homes, covering the expenses of support staff within the household.

Despite potential confusion surrounding SIL funding mechanisms, Bet Group ensures clarity and tailors SIL options with the participants in mind. The homes offered are carefully selected, reflecting modern and stylish living with high-quality furnishings, conveniently situated near essential amenities and public transport. Bet Group prioritises your comfort and autonomy, allowing flexibility in residence duration, whether for the short or long term.


In conclusion, Polaris Care is here to support you if you have a disability. We offer various services through NDIS in Victoria, making it easy and enjoyable for you. Our team, based in Melbourne, Geelong, and nearby areas, is fully qualified and experienced.

From personal care to community participation, we focus on helping you achieve your goals. We make sure everything we do is all about helping you have a better daily life, from where you live to connecting with your local community. We're happy to meet with you and explain how NDIS funding can make a positive impact on your life.


1. What is Supported Independent Living (SIL)?

SIL is a really important service for people with disabilities. It helps them live on their own by giving personalised support for everyday things.

2. Why is choosing the right SIL service provider important?

Picking the right provider makes sure that living independently is happy and supportive. It affects how good the support is, where you live, and how well you're doing.

3. How does SIL help individuals with disabilities?

SIL helps with everyday tasks like taking care of yourself and cooking. It wants to make people more independent by teaching them new skills and making them feel more confident.

4. What makes SIL special?

SIL is special because it gives personalised support. This means it's made to fit each person's needs, and it makes sure people who need a lot of help get support all day and night.


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