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Handling an enormous weight is not an easy job. The EOT Craneshoists, and many more make the job quite easy and safe. The cranes are used for a variety of functions from lifting heavy objects to moving heavy stuff. Whatever you want to do with the help of cranes, it makes your heavy lifting task easy. The crane market size is 20 billion in the year 2019 and tells how cranes have become part of the manufacturing industries. Manufacturers of cranes bring a variety of cranes to better fulfill your needs. if you are running an industry and require the purchase of cranes then do thorough research before you selecting the one. It is essential to know all types of cranes and their unique features that will meet your needs. Keep reading this article for the information you need before purchasing.

HOIST ONE TRACK CRANE: It is not so popular not because it is effective, but not covers all significant features like other cranes. This crane comes in handy when you try to move material across two different planes. These cranes also have lateral movement, so that is why it is also called stationary Overhead CranesIt doesn’t offer enough movement. 


  • Don’t require much maintenance.
  • Use for a smaller operation.

ELECTRIC OVERHEAD TRAVELING CRANES: EOT Cranes are the most commonly used cranes in India. Crane Manufacturers in India keep experimenting with the crane and come up with various advantages. These types of cranes consist of traveling bridges along with parallel runways. It operates on electricity and has a control pendant to operate it. It can move to any angle and are perfect for indoor use. 


  • These Overhead Crane are perfect for indoor use. These cranes can be used in a variety of industries.
  • These cranes are easy to operate and beginners can use them with little training. 
  • These EOT cranes are quite safe.

SINGLE GRIDER EOT CRANES: These single grinder EOT cranes are called single Girder Crane. It is used only one bridge. The other parts of the crane include a hoist, electrical parts, and two end trucks. It becomes handy when you need to handle light loads. The capacity of these cranes is to lift to 20 tons. 


  • The best fits in smaller areas.
  • It is easy to install and operate as well.
  • These cranes are easily affordable. 

These cranes come with double bridges and are effective in moving heavy loads easily. Double Crane Girder has a loading capacity of about 800 tons which is a really good factor. 


  • They can easily move bulky items.
  • It can be easily customized with magnet reels, cables, and cabs.
  • They offer greater functionality after having complicated designs.
  • It also comes with failure-proof features for all added safety.


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