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The docuseries “Night Stalker” has been recently released on Netflix. The subscribers who have watched bits of it have been disturbed with it, and they are accusing the creators via their social media account that they have taken things too far.

One user claimed that the series is so violent and graphic that he had to turn his screen off.

Another user wrote that even though he does not get scared easily, Richard Ramirez’s docuseries “Night Stalker” got increasingly hard to watch.

The subscribers of Netflix, who have watched excellent violent crime shows in the past (like The Punisher) courtesy of it are taking it to social media to express their concern with the recently released true crime genre docuseries.

The subscribers who sat down to watch “Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer” revealed that they couldn’t watch some scenes because they were extremely violent and graphic for their liking. Some viewers even commented that they had to switch off their devices because some scenes really took things to the extremes.

The docuseries is about a sex offender and serial killer who had to be imprisoned following his heinous crimes in San Francisco, USA, from June 1984 to the month of August in 1985.

Before the killer was captured by the authorities, he had attained an infamous nickname, “Night Stalker,” from the residents of San Francisco, whom he had terrorized in the early part of the 1980s. The nickname has now become the title of the docuseries based on his life, which has been released on Netflix.

Regardless of that, the viewers of the newly released series were left feeling very disturbed by its graphic imagery of violence. The creators of the show tried to re-create the killings by using Computer Graphics Interface (CGI) technology. Several viewers have registered their complaint, especially with the slow motion shots of blood splatter.

A user has suggested people should not watch the series until or unless they have a sense of liking for true crime shows. Another user stated that the show became unbearable after the first two episodes, and she had to turn it off.

A viewer even suggested that the inclusion of graphic photos of the victims was highly unnecessary. He added that there was really no need for it.

Another viewer, who is also a journalist, made an accusation against the creators that they have nonchalantly included terrifying photos in the show with a sense of disregard to the viewer’s sensitivity.

However, the creators are not disappointed with all the criticisms as the show “Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer” has already made a high profile fan in the name of William Friedkin, who is famous for directing the best horror film of all time “The Exorcist.” The veteran filmmaker has called the series the best procedural film he has ever seen.

People who have watched the series have said that in the entirety of the series, which spans across four episodes, Netflix has inserted a series of warnings of “sexual images” and “sexual warning” references.

The crime show “Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer” is currently available for view on the streaming platform. I am obliged to say, “watch it at your own risk.” 

Source :- https://a4setup.co.uk/netflix-subscribers-are-not-liking-night-stalker/


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