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If you are a resident of California, this is the best time to go for an ADU or Granny Flat construction to get the best deals and take all the advantages of the existing ADU construction rules & guidelines. For example, if your grandparents are planning to come down and settle in your place for the rest of their life, or your son or daughter plans to start a new business venture by working from home, it is an ADU that can best take care of it. In Los Angeles, CA, there are a few renowned home remodeling contractors that help build a Granny Flat or a ‘mother-in-law’ suite by converting an old garage into a spacious master bedroom, living room or a complete family suite with all the amenities. Let’s look at the reasons why a garage conversion is one of the smartest new investments for your home that is lacking in functional space.

1. Potential to Earn Extra Income

An unused garage converted into an ADU can help earn an extra income to the tune of $6000 – $15,000 every year. Just by renting out the newly constructed dwelling unit or room, you can earn a healthy income every month. What was once your defunct lying garage, is now a fully operational and self-sufficient living area.

2. A Robust Return on Investment (ROI)

Only a highly professional Los Angeles general contractor can help with a garage conversion work that can easily increase the value of your existing property and also save money on construction. When you consider minimalistic improvements, installations and adjustments, you can save a lot of money during remodeling. But, when you go for high-end finishes, it can help enhance the ROI.

3. Creating Additional Rooms

Nowadays, more young adults after completing their college education and graduation are shifting back to their home town to live with family. This is somewhat of a ‘positive’ social trend happening in the US. Also, elderly parents are coming to live with their children and family. Therefore, the need of additional rooms are being felt across homes and residences that are small. And, it is an ADU conversion in Los Angeles, CA, or a full garage conversion that can help in the cause.

4. Feeling of Luxury

Well, people look to buy new homes for getting more space, rooms and functionalities. But, what if you’re able to get all these things by converting your garage, without having to dole out that extra money in investing in a new property. It would be a spacious new room to the tune of 750-1000 sq. ft. with all the luxurious amenities, facilities, fittings & furniture.

During this time of the year, the price of construction materials have come down significantly. So, I guess this is the best time to invest in an ADU construction in Los Angeles, CA, by converting an old garage into a spacious accommodation. It helps all those families that are growing in size, and require additional space for their kids, parents and grandparents. It certainly works out good!


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