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Here, we are giving detailed points, changes occurred in digital marketing trends. Know more changes by learning digital marketing courses in Chennai 1.Social Commerce: Now, you can make purchases on social media
Social media websites such as Instagram have developed a new feature called shoppable posts using which a user can be redirected directly to purchase a product as displayed in an image. Shoppable posts use the philosophy of striking while the iron’s hot – in the moment a customer displays interest in a product, they are redirected towards the product page for an instantaneous and seamless purchase2.User Generated Content (UGC)The need for authenticity in content has never been felt as much as it is today. This is perhaps a side effect of carefully curated social media feeds or an overload of influencer activity. However, user generated content is one tool to bring back the personal touch – it’s real, relatable and unique. 

3.Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing every industry around the world. Digital marketing is no different. Artificial Intelligence (or AI) brings with it the unique ability for companies to collect and analyze user data to increase the relevance and personalization of marketing communication. It also gives brands the opportunity to engage and communicate with their customers. Chat bots, data analytics are common aspects of AI that every company must incorporate this year

4.Augmented Reality – Digital marketing is a way to set your company apart in the digital world and capture the attention of users. What better than the novel technique of Augmented Reality (AR) to create buzz? In digital marketing, AR may be used for branding purposes, increasing the creativity and attractiveness of advertisements as well as to ad enticing features such as try and buy, etc.

5.Blockchain Technology 

Blockchain may be the most disruptive technology for the digital marketing world. It essentially enables transactions between two parties without the need for third-party verification. You may be wondering about its relevance in digital marketing. It’s huge. The impact will be on customer privacy, a key concern in digital marketing today, and an increase in transparency. 

6.Reverse Image Search: Find similar images

Reverse image search started out as a simple tool for a user to find related images on the internet. It has swiftly been grabbed by a number of search engines and ecommerce portals alike, who let you discover products similar to the one you are searching.


Reverse image searches can also help you build a library of backlinks, and will be helpful for when you create original visual content such as graphics, images, infographics, etc

7. Content Marketing

 There are not many digital marketing tools that can do what a comprehensive, unique content marketing strategy can. This isn’t just a trend, but one of the classics, and we suggest you never lose focus of this.


Instead, integrate the other trends to develop and evolve your content marketing strategy.


8.Position Zero on SERP


Position zero is the term used to describe the featured snippet block at the top of the Google search results page. Earlier known as the Quick Answers, this snippet occupies a distinctive and attention grabbing position on the SERP.


Ranking at Position Zero is, among other things through a mix of efforts in keyword research and providing crisp, relevant answers to the search.


9. SEO Structured Data

In the digital world, information is power. Structured data offers a standardized format to mark up the information about the web page. This information helps search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. to understand the contents of the page better. This, in turn, has the power to completely change the results of the SEO strategy, including KPIs like SERP, CTR and even conversion..

The young people have distinct, specific behaviours, and want to support businesses that they feel connected to in ideology. They want things done on their terms, from privacy to personalization and rapid development. In 2020 and the coming decade, this demographic forms the crux of any marketing strategy.

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