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So what do you do if you can do hundreds of push-ups? Do  MetabolicStretching Review you stop when you get to five? That wouldn't be much use either. So you increase the resistance just like you would with weights.You might have to be a bit more creative but it can be done and here's how.How to add resistance to body weight exercisesThere are a number of ways to do this and here are some of them.

Partial range of movement-Let's say you want to do a one leg squat but you can't do it all the way to the floor. One option is to do it as far as you can and then increase the depth as you get stronger. Some people are against this but it worked for Paul Anderson-the legendary weightlifter power lifter and strongman. I would use a box if you're doing squats as it can support the knees. As you get stronger use a lower box or maybe a step on a staircase.

Weight distribution between limbs-Let's say you're finding the gap between a two arm push-up and a one arm push-up too big. What now? You can use both arms but do the following. One of your palms is flat on the ground but on the other hand you're only using you're thumb and first finger on the floor. This way there is assistance with one arm but there is more weight on the other arm and it has to do more work. Eventually you can remove the finger and only use the thumb. Then remove the thumb until you're only using one arm.



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