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Life these days is so complicated that it is hard to be grateful for anything; the growing health crisis which has now fueled the economic crisis has led to the present day desperation of the masses. Everyone is looking for an escape to get out of the rut. But since the costs of going out will outweigh the benefits in most cases, there is still a bit of hesitation. However, things are getting back on track, albeit slowly. On September 25, in the middle of second-run releases, a certain first-run release made its mark. This is positive news for people looking to go out and carry on with their lives, to help you out in getting over the depression of the present day, we have compiled a list of movies and documentaries that you might like. The monster movie named “Shortcut” along with Enola Holmes and “Wheels” is on the top of our recommendation this weekend. Let’s go through each of them to see what sets them apart and make them stand out.  


The Italian-made monster movie is one of those classics that we wonder would have done much better had it used a creepier monster and more frights. But the cheap budget of the movie, however, works in its favor and makes it eerie. The setup of the film is quite similar to “Jeepers Creepers 2”, but Shortcut does a much better job of engaging the audience than the 2003 sequel. The young cast of the movies surely does make it more likable, and the characters seem more authentic. However, certainly, the film won’t go on to win awards, but it is still a great watch capable of entertaining its audience.  

Enola Holmes

After the disappearance of her feminist and unorthodox mother, the teenage sister of Sherlock Holmes enters the family biz. Enola is unlike girls her age, and she does not relent to the sex-roles that her 19th century English traditions want to confine her. She exhibits a relatively modern outlook and competes with her two brothers over everything. The action-packed film portrays one of the fiercest young heroines that you might come across, and it is undoubtedly a much-watch for anyone interested in crime and drama.

The Social Dilemma

The Social Dilemma is a documentary on the harsh realities of social media and encapsulates how deteriorating it can be for an individual on a personal and professional level. Usually, people are not mindful about social media use as they scroll through their feed every day without introspecting how deeply it is affecting their day to day life. Social Dilemma interviews some of the top executives, engineers, managers, and investors that have worked with social media giants who lay out the disturbing realities of the digital world that we have created in the past decade. While speculating over what worries them most about social media, one of the former top executives said that he fears that present-day social upheaval will culminate into full-scale civil war. These predictions shouldn’t be taken lightly since they are coming from people who have played crucial roles in creating the social giants that we use every day. The Social Dilemma lays bare the monster that we collectively have unleashed over our society, and it makes the case that it is, therefore, our responsibility to make up for our past wrongs. If you are on social media or not, the documentary will hit home and make you realize how our social order and by extension our society is being destroyed by the digital world.  

Public Trust

Public Trust is one of the most thought-provoking documentaries that you will ever see. It tries to picture how another one of our rights is taken away to favor business interests and politicians, who have formed a nexus for personal benefit. It does an amazing job of letting the infuriated and betrayed citizens tell the story of their fight to protect and preserve sacred land that the present administration has tried to give away to big business. Public Trust is a riveting documentary of the political dilemma that people of a society face and their reaction to it. You should make sure that you don’t miss it even if you don’t like political documentaries as this one has the potential to change your opinion.

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source: New Movies and Documentaries That You Might like


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