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New Pixel 7 Issues That Are Actually Normal At First

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New Pixel 7 Issues That Are Actually Normal At First

The latest flagship smartphone, Pixel 7, is full of features, including a new camera, a faster processor, and much more. But are you worried because of the rattling sounds of your new Pixel 7 device? Or sketchy auto-brightness has taken over your sleep! Don’t fret at all. These issues can be normal at first.

Talking of the new Pixel 7 series, this smartphone attracts buyers because of its slick design, excellent screens, and high-quality camera quality. In fact, getting a new smartphone is a pleasing experience as the shiny, new device is in your hand. But smartphone users can come across some odd issues while using the phone. In this post, we will explain some of the problems with your device, which are considered absolutely normal at first.

There can be chances when you, as a new Pixel 7 user, find issues while working with your phone. Some of these issues can be normal. Below we have discussed those issues to give you instant relief.

A Slight Rattling While Shaking Pixel 7 Or 7 Pro

Are you worried because of a slight rattling? Don’t worry; it can come from the camera area, and you hear it while shaking your Pixel phone. It’s not the situation of something breaking inside your shiny brand-new phone. In fact, the rattling you hear is the primary camera’s optical image stabilization components, which are actually tiny ball bearings. Please note the nose is quite normal, and you, as an OIS user, can hear this on many other phones as well.

Fingerprint Scanner Issue: It Is not Working With Some Screen Protectors

If you have applied a third-party or glass screen protector, the issue is not with your Pixel. Galaxy S series users also claim this issue. The problem is not related to the Pixel device as it relates to how the display sensor works and whether the protector interferes with it. Make sure to use a certified screen protector on your Pixel device. This will ensure fingerprint unlock works on Pixel 7 devices and the bare screen.

Note: Google has a list of some “Made for Google certified” screen protectors to provide the best compatibility to its users.

Screen Tint At Certain Angles

Found your Pixel 7 has some screen tint or discoloration? Screens of some brands are indeed prone to this. In particular, users can notice the Pixel 7 Pro with its curved panel. Again this issue isn’t exclusive to Google handsets. The issue can be found in other popular brands like OnePlus, Samsung, and Vivo.

Auto-brightness Isn’t Effective At the First

Is the auto brightness feature of your smartphone behaving properly? It’s automatically getting too dark at times and too bright at others. Don’t bother too much with this issue, as it is temporary and gets resolved instantly. The reason behind this issue is the adaptive brightness setting. It sets preferences as per crying conditions. To avoid it, you can make manual adjustments. Ensure that your phone’s auto-brightness is to your preferences.

Unpredictable Battery Life

There can be a chance your Pixel 7 needs to deliver optimum battery life in the first few days. Don’t fret; it’s just normal. Since the phone is new, there will be some ongoing updates like

Downloading background updates, caching essential data, and more. So, if it happens, the thing is normal for a couple of days.

The Bottom Line

The latest flagship smartphone is full of features and functionalities. But there can be a chance that you, as a Pixel 7 user, encounter some issues in the start, but don’t bother, as some issues are quite normal. The post above discusses them all. For more, you can have a quick walkthrough of frequently asked questions given below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Fix a Pixel That is Freezing or Not Responding?

If your phone is frozen with a screen on, just head towards restarting your phone. Make sure to hold down the power button of your device for at least 30 seconds. To troubleshoot the issue, check your Android updates. Do it by navigating to the bottom and clicking on system update.

Why Is My Pixel Getting Too Warm?

If you use your phone for a long time to play videos or games or record HD videos, there can be a chance it will get too hot.

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