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The New Year is the perfect opportunity to make some changes. All too often, however, the idea of making changes for the New Year is only applied to keeping resolutions. While there’s obviously a place for that kind of change, it’s also a chance to try fun new things. Specifically, it’s an opportunity to experiment with some bold, interesting, and exciting new looks. Better still, it provides the chance to try effortless new looks that are easily accessible. So, pick up a quality eyeliner stamp, a cream highlighter, and try some new looks in the New Year.

No-Makeup Makeup: A Complexion That Glows

The no-makeup makeup look is minimalist, subtle, and gorgeous with the right products and a little know-how. The first step is preparing your skin with gentle exfoliation and your favorite moisturizing lotion. Follow it up with a light primer. Be sure to choose products that match your skin tone as closely as possible and apply them lightly. That goes for a delicate application of foundation and concealer, bronzer, and either a matte lip blush or light gloss. Also, use creams instead of powders, as creams tend to sink in more effectively and are easier to blend than powders. The secret weapon for a no-makeup look with a beautifully glowing complexion, however, is a hydrating face mist that provides a long-lasting 24K gold dewy finish. For best results, find one with hyaluronic acid and distilled organic roses.

Bold Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose: Be Emboldened in the New Year

One of the most effective and versatile options for glamorous new looks in the New Year is focusing on bold eyes. The iconic smokey eye look remains a classic and a prime candidate for variations like the defined-crease smokey eye, which is easy to achieve with an eyeliner pen. Bolder still are festive, colorful eyeshadows. Consider beautiful blues and shimmery, sparkle-laden golds with a winged eyeliner stamp or pen to accentuate the bold color.

Sun-Kissed, Effortless: Bronze and Highlight Your Best Features

There are few looks more vibrant and dynamic than an effortless natural sun-kissed highlighting of your favorite features. The key is finding a cream highlighter and cream bronzer duo with superior blendability. Used together to highlight cheekbones, chin, and forehead while blending in bronzer creates the appearance of a radiant natural tan. One useful tip is to combine high-quality bronzer and/or highlighter with your favorite moisturizing lotion for smooth application.

2023: The Year of the Wing

Winged eyeliner looks have been stylish for thousands of years for a few excellent reasons. For one, they are eye-catching and striking while being elegant and stylish. They are also lovely on their own and are a sensational accompaniment to all the above looks. That makes a first-rate stamp winged eyeliner pen an invaluable addition to your beauty products. For a jazzy variation on the classic winged eyeliner makeup, try out a reverse cat eye winged look this year.

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