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Building a fast and scalable Unilevel MLM eCommerce website with a network application requires a robust technology stack that can handle complex network structures and high traffic volumes. Here’s a suggested technology stack using Node.js, Express.js, Next.js, Redux, React.js, JavaScript, and MongoDB:


Unilevel MLM Plan includes a number of legged structures where a parent Node has many sub-nodes where each new distributor or member is placed in a down sub-tree. It is one of the basic Unilevel WooCommerce which is required by all MLM organizations be it small or large. The Unilevel WooCommerce helps admin managing users or sub-nodes in a Unary network to keep a record of their income, expenses, etc.

Key Steps to Build the Unilevel MLM eCommerce Website:

Design Database Schema: Plan the database schema to store affiliate and product information, transactions, commissions, and other essential data related to your MLM network.

Backend Development: Use Node.js and Express.js to build the backend API for handling affiliate registrations, referral tracking, commission calculations, and other MLM-related functionalities. Integrate MongoDB for data storage.

Frontend Development: Use React.js and Next.js to create the front end of your eCommerce website. Implement features such as user registration, product pages, shopping cart, and affiliate dashboard.

User Authentication: Implement secure user authentication and authorization to protect sensitive data and ensure only authorized users access certain parts of the website.

MLM Logic Implementation: Develop the MLM logic, including the Unilevel structure, commission calculations, and downline tracking. This is a critical aspect of the project and requires careful planning and testing.

Features of Multi-Level Marketing Website
Affiliate Commission
Join Commission
Level Commission
Company Commission
Regular Bonus
User Dashboard
Promoted Products then Increase sales
Payment Gateways

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