Do you know that NFT (non-fungible tokens) is valued at more than INR 3 trillion? The modern trends of online trading and transactions like Cryptocurrency and NFTs have taken over the financial markets.

These digital assets, such as art, music, in-game items, and videos, are purchased through cryptocurrencies from various NFT marketplace. Consequently, people look for opportunities to sell their NFTs and earn from them. 

Unlike physical markets, NFT marketplaces gives you a wide range of options to sell your NFTs to make the best possible deals and gain profits.

In this article, we will tell you more about the top 10 best NFT marketplace platforms, how they work and how you can choose the ideal one among them for yourself. 

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Top 12 Best NFT Marketplace Platforms

The primary and most popular NFT Marketplaces to buy and sell NFTs are as follows:

1. OpenSea 

You can exchange digital art, digital collectibles, and other unique trading cards through OpenSea. It is one of the oldest and largest NFT marketplaces at present. Additionally, you can set a fee on your tokens for trade.

OpenSea also provides the opportunity to make a custom marketplace for auctioning or selling NFT art projects. It's a reliable platform as all the trading on the platform is conveyed through self-executing smart contracts. The transactions bring profits for both parties, or they can decide not to trade. 

OpenSea is for the P2P exchange of NFTs. So, there won't be any third-party involvement.

However, you will have to pay the platform a 2.5% fee for every transaction you complete. Moreover, this fee is less than other marketplaces. 

2. Rarible 

Rarible is a platform for content creators and buyers to connect and trade NFTs. For this, you won't need any prior coding skills. Moreover, this marketplace works on the Ethereum blockchain for safe, secure, and trustworthy transactions.

The platform allows for transactions of arts, domain names, and more. Furthermore, the platform also supports different kinds of blockchain technologies. It is ideal for a direct transaction process if you are a beginner.

Rarible gives RARI tokens to the ones who buy and sell through this platform. So, these token holders can vote for proposals on governing this platform. Consequently, this attempts to make it an entirely decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). 

Furthermore, you get a barrier-free environment to engage and connect without limitations. So it's safe from any external attacks. 

3. SuperRare

How about an NFT marketplace entirely dedicated to trading Art NFTs? 

SuperRare is one such platform. The platform carefully selects artists to mint NFTs and creates a collection. Interestingly, SuperRare claims that every art piece will be unique, making it perfect for art lovers. 

The platform selects a restricted number of artists. Hence it prevents the risk of fraudulent workpieces of high quality. Furthermore, SuperRare stands between a mix of a traditional art gallery and an NFT platform, making its fees a little higher. This exclusive platform is not for beginners. 

The marketplace sometimes partners with Miami Art Week to curate digital art and NFTs. 

The artists get fixed fees built into every token through smart contracts to ensure artists get their payment on time. 

SuperRare works well with some popular cryptocurrency wallets, including MetaMask, Fort Matic, and Wallet Connect. 

4. Jupiter Meta

Jupiter Meta is one of India's first thoroughly curated NFT marketplaces. Rubix blockchain technology of level 1 supports this marketplace. Moreover, it's secure, reliable, and eco-friendly, with a faster speed. This NFT marketplace attracts and makes people stay in the metaverse. Consequently, it works along with the growing Web 3.0 technology. 

The platform owns its individual NFTs and sells on its platform. To get those NFTs, you must register on the platform and open an account to purchase NFTs at fixed prices. 

Interestingly, the platform even launched music NFTs in 2022. The tickets are available at fixed rates for metaverse concerts in a specific and restricted quantity. 

In this concert, the composer or artists send new tracks individually as NFTs to people who purchase tickets. However, only personal usage of the song is strictly permitted.

5. Foundation 

The Foundation NFT marketplace has multiple exciting features that make it favorable. It has two categories. One is an NFT collection, like CryptoKitties, and the other one is an exclusive digital artwork that is not from any particular collection. 

The objective of this marketplace is to bring the work of quality artists to prominence. 

It is not a platform where you will get thousands of computer-generated NFTs. But you will always come across unique and inspirational pieces of art. It emphasizes quality art from 25,000 NFTs creators associated with this platform.  

Traditional artists don't get enough royalties. But, with Foundation, when you mint NFT on this marketplace, you can earn a 10% royalty immediately when your work sells. It supports the popular WalletConnect and MetaMask wallets.

So, the options for crypto wallets are fewer for this platform. This decentralized marketplace supports credit cards, debit cards, or Ethereum (ETH) for purchase purposes. 

6. Bollycoin

Bollycoin is a unique Bollywood-themed NFT marketplace. It is an initiative by filmmaker Atul Agnihotri and was launched by actor Salman Khan. Also, this marketplace is for exchanging Bollywood memorabilia and offers voting rights.

In its first four days after the launch, the marketplace claimed to sell a whopping 7 million Bollycoin tokens. It claims to be a ‘community-driven' platform. The platform offers digital collectibles like movie posters, dialogues, etc., for Bollywood enthusiasts around the globe. 

You can purchase Bollycoins from the marketplace's website with Ethereum, USDC, or BUSD (cryptocurrencies of private organizations). Further, Indians can buy Bollycoins from currency exchange platforms such as WazirX, CoinCDX, or CoinSwitch.

7. BuyUcoin 

It is one of the top crypto exchanges in the country. The number of BuyUcoin users is as much as 350,000 users. Consequently, it manages digital transactions of NFTs valuing more than $300 million. 

Soon, this company, established in 2016, decided to enter the Indian market. You can carry transactions of over 33 cryptos, including Ethereum, Bitcoin, Ripple, Stellar, etc. 

BuyUcoin charges 0.24% of maker fees and has a decapitated NFT Marketplace. This platform's user interface leads to the oldest NFT Marketplace, OpenSea. Additionally, the marketplace has some unique NFT projects to purchase. 

8. Solanart

Solanart is one of the top-rated NFT marketplaces for creators to curate and sell artwork. The marketplace gets supported by the Solana network and lets everyone sell and purchase NFTs. The goal of this platform is to promote art by various creators. 

Creators can create their shops and list their artwork. Also, they have the freedom to sell at their preferable rates. At the same time, you can purchase from the creators or their shops on this marketplace.

This full-fledged marketplace solves transaction problems through Solana Blockchain Network. Its market price was more than 2 million dollars in 2021. So, it's a secure and reliable platform for transactions of NFTs. 

9. Binance NFT 

Binance NFT marketplace is a renowned platform with all forms of digital art and collectible NFTs. It is the highest liquidity platform where you can launch and trade NFTs. One can mint, sell, bid, and buy NFTs from creators worldwide.

The platform has a low fee of 1% trading fee for every NFT seller/creator. On the other hand, other Marketplaces charge up to 7.5% fees. 

You can easily access this marketplace through the Binance mobile app. Subsequently, the marketplace gets automatically linked to your user account and the app's wallet. 

Binance NFT has a unique ranking feature—it spotlights the top-performing NFT collections, NFTs, and artists for buyers. Therefore, the artists and their collections get good popularity. At the same time, the users get to choose the best and trending ones. On that rankings board, you get other details like their price, asset value, etc., for more accuracy. 

10. Nifty Gateway 

Nifty Gateway is another platform for easy selling and purchase of NFTs with your credit or debit card options for transactions. 

The platform allows you to sell Nifty Gateways by artists through auctions. Further, this marketplace is suitable for beginners who can easily pay and make their accounts of it.

Nifty Gateway's parent organization is Gemini, a popular cryptocurrency exchange, in 2019.

Furthermore, it's an exclusive NFT Platform for serious collectors to get limited edition NFTs from prominent creators. 

You will get comprehensive details about every artist and artwork on this platform. However, the site also organizes many events like talks with artists.  

11. Decentraland

Decentraland is an entirely decentralized NFT marketplace platform and a virtual-world play-to-earn game. The platform members govern it, not any single party or company.

The platform has its digital economy. Moreover, the use of blockchain gives complete ownership of assets through NFTs. You can collect, create and trade NFT items. They are the marketplace's land parcels, art, wearables, and other digital assets. 

Ownership of these digital certificates of authenticity gives you a role to play in the operation of this virtual space. Decentraland monetizes assets that have a financial value in cryptocurrency form.

However, it's a marketplace with high gas fees, and the rates of its digital artwork and tokens are high too. 

12. WazirX

WazirX is one of India's quickly growing NFT marketplaces with a user-friendly interface. It has more than 60 lakh registered users with good ratings. Also, it has advanced trading charts that make it suitable for beginners and experts. 

The platform has a unique referral program that can make you earn rewards of up to 50% commission on each trade. In terms of security, it is a safe and secure platform with gold-standard safety measures.

But, there are some limitations of this platform too. You will get only a few options to deposit the funds in your WazirX account through a bank account or peer-to-peer (P2P) transaction. 

So, its platform has no crypto lending or margin trading features. At the same time, you get these options on other platforms.

How Do NFT Marketplaces Work?

The NFT marketplaces are platforms to buy, sell and mint NFTs like digital tokens, artwork, or other assets. It allows you to browse through the available NFTs that are on sale. 

After choosing the preferred NFT, you can add/ choose from their payment method options like crypto wallet or credit and debit cards to purchase. 

You can purchase the NFTs at a fixed price on some marketplaces. On the other hand, a few organize an auction for it. 

After completing the transaction, the platform records its blockchain to update and display a change in its ownership.

How To Choose Your NFT Marketplace?

The NFTs represent ownership of a particular digital asset. So, while choosing an NFT marketplace, you must select the kind of token or asset you want to buy or sell. 

These tokens can be anything digital on the blockchain, and most of the NFT marketplaces use the Ethereum blockchain to create NFTs. 

These digital assets or tokens can be written words, videos, games, digital art, collectibles, movie posters, etc.

 Also, you need to consider the kind of token that any particular marketplace supports, as some only trade in digital art and items in multiple tokens. Some of these platforms are closed marketplaces that only trade in a specific proprietary token. 

Moreover, you need to consider the fees, trading regulations, security, and Wallet options on the NFT marketplaces.  

Summing up 

You can begin investing in NFTs like digital art, assets, tokens, and other collectibles from these NFT marketplaces. Please choose the right one for you and be alert and aware of it before you begin transactions in this new industry.  

There are countless NFT Marketplace options for trading, and we have listed the top ones mentioned above. These different marketplace platform options make it easy to purchase NFTs. So, you can quickly start your NFTs purchasing journey now. 

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