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NFTs and Gaming- How do they work together?

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Gaming NFTs

NFTs are taking the gaming industry by storm. Gaming NFTs have changed the way people game and own in-game assets. NFTs in gaming let the players own the in-game assets including purchasing, selling and trading items in the marketplace.

In a traditional gaming environment, gamers invest a huge sum of money and their effort into the game. The amount of time and sweat invested by the players in a game is most of the times not proportional to the results that a gamer earns from the game. Here’s how NFTs have changed the gaming industry.


The use of NFTs in the gaming environment grants the players the ownership of their in-game purchases instead of the developers, Blockchain technology has enabled gamers to save in-game assets, sell them to other players or even move them into other game.


Traditional games exist on centralised servers. As the in-game assets work within a centralised system they have no chance for communication with others. In blockchain games, the games exist on a decentralized blockchain. The blockchain acts as a backend wire that is interconnected. This makes the interoperability among the game possible. For example, two games that are built on the same blockchain can support in-game transactions seamlessly.


When a traditional online game comes to an end, the in-game assets become obsolete. NFTs exist independently on the blockchain and specific gaming platform. In game assets can be bought and sold regardless of what happens to the game and even new games can be created on the existing blockchain system.


NFTs have brought in some major changes in the Gaming industry. With NFTs, gamers are now able to enjoy complete ownership and control over their game play.



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