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American society’s epitome is a career in the movies. That is why many non-acting professionals turn to Hollywood once they’ve created a fanbase elsewhere. Look at Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s career or stand-up comics like Kevin Hart and Russel Brand who move to Hollywood to earn the big bucks and the spotlight. Following this successful trend, Tyler Ninja Blevins has showcased an interest to take his talents to tinsel town as he takes a break off streaming.

Not exactly a ‘break’

For streaming fans that are already sighing, no, Ninja is not going to leave gaming ever as he told The Hollywood Reporter. But he is looking to make an entry into the world of acting whether that is on-screen or as a voice. Interestingly, he had a scene in Jumanji: The Next Level alongside The Rock and Kevin Hart, but it didn’t make the final cut. Anyhow, he is going to be seen doing a cameo in a movie called “Free Guy.” He said he’s looking for “anything and everything Hollywood.”

He is yet to sign with a streaming service

Since his departure from Microsoft’s Mixer upon it’s shut down some time ago, Ninja has been quietly streaming on YouTube. With no streaming deal in place as of now, he is enjoying the riches collected from his last run with Mixer.  He reportedly earned $30 million for his move from Twitch which was criticized by a lot of streamers. That salary is more than what most NBA players make or even NFL players. So, Ninja can easily manage to ride through the time while he awaits another opportunity. And while he’s looking for work in the glamour business, he’s told his fans that he won’t ever leave gaming. That is his first love and will continue to remain so. But looking for greener pastures is a human tendency. And fans aspire for him to make the most of what he’s been given.

Will it be a successful move?

Career moves like these are not uncommon in pop culture. Once you enter the realm of being a celebrity, a lot of these doors open up. But these shifts in career can also cause chaos in a person’s life. And although Ninja has an amazing crowd-pulling personality, it might not translate into acting and related fields. But he is sure to get a shot based on the accolades and celebrity status he has acquired over the years. Thus, we hope he finds a befitting job in Hollywood and has the same success that he received in the gaming world.

Source :- https://my-blogsearch.com/ninja-is-planning-a-hollywood-change/


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