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Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5 are two gaming consoles that belong to massive companies. Comparatively, Nintendo Switch is not as powerful as the PlayStation 5. Soon, the PlayStation 5 will be rolling out in the market. It will stand among one of the most powerful gaming consoles. The significant difference between the consoles is that the PS5 is not portable and it is the most-heavy console ever made.

A few months ago, Sony announced that the PS5 would be available in two varieties, and the price difference between the variation will be $100 only. One of the variants won’t have the optical drive and will require digital downloads. On the other hand, the Nintendo Switch is an excellent device for playing the best and latest third-party games. To get more details about both the devices, check the comparison guide below:


Starting with the comparison, the Nintendo Switch doesn’t match up to the power of variant PS5. The PlayStation 5 is powered with robust Solid-State Drives that reduces the game loading time and streams the game faster. This ensures that you won’t have to spend time waiting for your favorite resource-consuming games to start.

Nintendo Switch aims to offer the best out of its games with the limited system power, which is immensely satisfying. You will experience smooth gameplay, even in fighter games, on the Nintendo Switch. When it comes to loading the third-party games, it fails to load them successfully at once. Due to the lack of power, Nintendo Switch fails miserably to appreciate third-party games. However, one can easily carry it around and seamlessly switch screens. Since it cannot support massive games, it ensures that the players can start playing on a modern system while using the Nintendo Switch as their secondary device.


By now, you have learned that the Nintendo Switch is not a powerhouse by any means, and it can only run games created for Wii U or the Xbox 360. It offers better performance and smooth gameplay if you play an original game on it. It cannot even support most of the third-party games, but you can run Doom on it. But again, you have to compromise on the frame rate while playing Doom on this console. It can also show two resolutions based on its docking. If the games are docked, the Nintendo Switch can display the game in 1080p (its maximum limit) when connected to a TV screen. If you are using the latest Nintendo Switch Lite system, note that you cannot dock it and remain restricted to playing games at 720p only.

In contrast, the PlayStation 5 gives way better performance, speed, and display resolution than the Nintendo Switch. The PS5 can display the games in 8K resolution while reducing the game loading time. It is all because of replacing the HDD with an SSD. People who received exclusive hands on the console reported that they never experienced their games to lag or take anything more than 5 seconds to load. This console also extends support for ray tracing – a graphical feature. Overall, the company has got better in their device production if compared with the PS4.


Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch has only 32GB of flash storage that is not enough to install a digital version of a few games. You might have to invest in getting physical cartridges for the console, yet there would be a little space for the game you might want to install on the machine. Since it doesn’t have any disc, it doesn’t ask you to install the games before playing. You can also connect a microSDXC card to the console and extend its storage space to up to 512GB. If you get the Nintendo Switch Online membership, you can access the cloud to save your game progress and resume from where you left. The cloud will automatically take game data backups. You can cancel this membership anytime, but you will lose access to the saved data with cancellation. After six months of membership cancellation, you can access the data, and beyond that limit, it will permanently get deleted.

PlayStation 5

The PS5 will have an 825GB SSD that will responsibly load your games faster. All the games will run similar to the PS4, but you can access the games saved in the cloud and get game data backups if you have a PS Plus subscription. If you choose to cancel your PS Plus subscription, you will lose all the saved data from the cloud, but you can get access to it until the next six months. Your data will permanently get deleted beyond that period. If you don’t want to re-subscribe to their cloud services ever again, then load all the data on a USB device. You might experience a problem if you want to expand the storage of PS5 as the drive used in it is not accessible for regular customers.

Available Games

Over the years, the Nintendo Switch has expanded its gaming library. You can find exclusive first-party and third-party games on gaming consoles and PC. Following are some of the noteworthy games on Nintendo Switch:

Super Mario Odyssey

Mario+ Rabbids Kingdom Battle

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Pokémon: Let’s Go

Pokémon Sword and Shield

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt — Complete Edition



In contrast, the PS5 also has an excellent set of games like Demon’s Souls, Resident Evil Village, Ratchet, and Clank: Rift Apart, God of War: Ragnarok, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, etc. All these games will launch on PS5 over the next few years.


After all the comparisons, it can be concluded that both the consoles serve different purposes. Nintendo Switch offers portability and high-quality Nintendo-supported games. In contrast, the PS5 is adding new heights to Sony’s consoles. It provides unmatched robust performance and stunning graphics.

Soource-Nintendo Switch vs. PlayStation 5


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