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Nitrile Gloves Supplier Malaysia

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Nitrile gloves are made from synthetic rubber and are an alternative to latex for individuals who have allergic reactions to natural latex. They also offer more durability and puncture resistance than latex or vinyl gloves.

These gloves are also increasingly being used in a variety of industries including law enforcement, manufacturing, chemical, food service and automotive. Malaysia is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of these disposable gloves.

Examination Gloves

Examination gloves are used to protect patients from germs, microbes and other hazards during medical procedures. They are made of latex, nitrile or vinyl and come in different thicknesses.

Nitrile gloves offer great barrier protection against blood-borne pathogens, bacteria, and other microorganisms, and they are also resistant to chemicals. They are lightweight and comfortable to wear.

They are suitable for both medical and non-medical tasks. They are also highly durable, resistant to punctures, abrasions and tears.

Unlike natural rubber, which can cause allergies and sensitivities in some people, nitrile is safe for use by all types of people. This makes it a popular choice for examination gloves.

Malaysia is a global leader in manufacturing medical gloves. More than 75% of the world’s medical gloves are made in the country.

Surgical Gloves

Medical gloves are essential for medical personnel to prevent the spread of infections and microbes. The material must be strong enough to protect a person from blood-borne pathogens and other bodily fluids, and also provide comfort and flexibility while wearing them.

Nitrile examination gloves are one of the best options for healthcare workers. They are flexible, form-fitting and comfortable, and they protect from a variety of noxious chemicals.

Disposable nitrile gloves are available in different grades and styles to meet specific safety requirements. They offer a wide range of benefits and are cost-effective.

The demand for disposable nitrile gloves is expected to increase in the near future owing to their high sensitivity and comfort. They are used for a range of applications in industries such as metal & manufacturing, oil & gas and chemical.

However, there are some drawbacks associated with disposable gloves such as the generation of waste and need for frequent cleaning. They are not suitable for harsh conditions or long-term usage in heavy-duty work environments.

Police Gloves

Police gloves are used by law enforcement officers to protect their hands from contamination at crime scenes. This is an important part of their personal protective equipment (PPE) because it minimizes the risks associated with a police officer’s job.

Police officers are often exposed to a variety of physical hazards, including cuts, burns, and chemical agents. The use of disposable gloves helps them avoid the potential of cross-contamination.

Nitrile gloves are an excellent choice for a wide range of applications. They are made of a synthetic rubber copolymer of acrylonitrile and butadiene.

They are stronger and more resistant to tearing than latex, which makes them a good choice for heavy-duty use. They are also a great option for people with latex allergies.

We offer a full range of nitrile gloves, including powder-free exam grade and industrial gloves. All our nitrile gloves are 100% latex-free, and feature an extended cuff to provide the most protection in emergency situations.

Automotive Gloves

Automotive Gloves offered by nitrile gloves supplier Malaysia satisfy three of the most common needs of auto mechanics: protection, comfort and dexterity. When used properly, nitrile gloves are able to withstand the harsh chemicals that car mechanics come into contact with daily such as brake fluids, gasoline and transmission fluids.

Nitrile gloves are also a good choice for workers who handle hot liquids and steam as the glove material is heat resistant. It is also suitable for use in petrochemical processing, food manufacturing and other industries where high temperature exposure may occur.

Nitrile is a durable, synthetic rubber that is resistant to a wide range of harsh chemicals and punctures. However, it does not provide as much protection from bacteria as latex.



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