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The app development business has been growing ever since the dawn of time from 2005. Business organisations and app developers looking forward to constantly and continuously integrating new and innovative features India apps using the various technologies that are available to them. In the Quest to be the best app developers always finding new and innovative ways to make that unique and stand out of the crowd. With so many Technologies that are available for app development, there comes a time when selecting a technology becomes a daunting task. Developers constantly look for the benefits and advantages that are offered to them with the use of Technology to see where they can fit their app. 

Technology such as node JS being a superhit and a popular Technology being used by developers and programmers, let us see where your node.js Trends are following nowadays.

Here are our top 6 trends that NodeJS applications see fit and can be used by business owners and Developers alike to do some real and innovative work.

Ecommerce application

E-Commerce verticals that many require it to be maintained and provide high performance applications that can serve its needs. With companies such as Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Myntra, are competing against each other to target consumers with their products and services that they offer, business owners and Developers can look forward to developing E-Commerce applications 

NodeJS is a real time application development platform that allows users to interact with applications in real time basis thus providing it with the high response and high performance interactivity to the user. With the capabilities that E-Commerce platform demands node JS seems a better fit body designing and deploying e-commerce applications on the platform in order to meet consumers demand.

Real time applications 

Real time applications development and the node.js poses a better fit for their work environment deemed to be used. Because real-time applications demand constant interactivity flexibility and responsiveness from the user, node JS seems to be a better fit for this particular Technology vertical. 

Many app developers and business owners who own app development companies should note that this vertical is also growing and exhibit a demand for applications and development from such groups. Therefore it is expected that real time applications will boom and will serve the fit using node JS.

IoT applications

The Internet of things or IoT is the technology that is again going to be leveraged by using node JS. Nowadays every device is used looking to leverage the internet for its own use as well as document in the life of the user as well as amplifying the capabilities of users. Take for example Your refrigerator good one day tells you that you need to bring milk as the milk is out of stock in the refrigerator. It can also remind you of essential items that you need to bring when you are out shopping for grocery items. 

This technique and ability is the most coveted and deemed useful for various users and consumers. NodeJS is a better fit for the development of such kind of applications as it requires constant interaction and processing of information which node.js is capable of handling pretty easily and flexibly.

Gaming applications

Gaming and entertainment applications are another verticals when node.js seems to be promising and fulfilling the needs and requirements of various consumers and customers. As we discussed the need for the real-time applications gaming is another area where it requires constant interaction with the user and high performance responsiveness from the application. 

Such kind of responsiveness can be achieved when using NodeJS as a gaming server and developing applications that run on it providing the user with the necessary gaming interface needed to develop innovative gaming and entertainment applications for it.

Banking and finance applications

Banking and Finance applications is another domain that requires constant interaction and responsiveness from the user. We need to confirm the security and safety for confidential data of the user to be protected and processed.

With the responsiveness and the easiness that node.js provides it comes with no doubt that Banking and Finance applications can also be developed using the properties of node JS that we seem fit for the application processing needs. 

High performance application development

Node JS is truly a highly responsive and performance driven development environment that can be used by different verticals of business to develop high performance applications that run on it. It provides all the necessary tools, features and functions that high performance applications need and can easily assist developers and business owners to develop applications comfortably and easily on this platform. 

Any kind of performance requirement that an application needs to have, node js can easily satisfy this requirement using the features and functionalities that the application needs to have, pretty easily and efficiently.


So we have shared the growing trends that we feel can make an impact on the development of node js applications. If you are looking to hire Node JS developers then do contact us.


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