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We are so busy nourishing our faces that we completely forget everything that's beneath the crown. Yes, skincare is not only about the face but is about every bit of the skin that's present on our body. The makers of self-care products for women say that even though our face is the first place where we notice ageing signs, other areas of the body are equally prone to ageing, deficiencies and skin ailments.

One of the major reasons is that our entire body is exposed to UV radiation and pollutants which directly leads to ageing and other skin disorders. Inevitably, we are bound to look after our body’s skin and especially the areas exposed to the sun. Also, our uncertain lifestyle that makes us fill up on junk food is also a prime reason why our skin shows ageing symptoms.

Other Reasons Of Skin Ageing

UV radiations alone are not responsible for accelerating the skin ageing process. People who apply sunscreen everywhere on their bodies risk ageing and other skin ailments. Why so?

SLS & Paraben Laden Soaps

Most of the artificial soaps/body lotions even the priciest ones could be paraben and SLS laden. Taking a bath every day is hygienic, but using chemical-laden soaps regularly can wash off your skin’s natural oils leaving it terribly droughted. These natural skin oils not only keep our skiing soft and healthy but protect the skin tissues from pollution damage. Even the skin’s cellular membranes that are made of lipids (oils) can be damaged with the overuse of chemical-laden soaps. With all-natural body care products online, you have no excuse to abandon self-care.

Negligence To Skin-Care

Daily skincare is important (especially in winters). Not only your face but every bit of your body’s skin. Have you ever felt the cracks in your skiing? This is the very first sign of dehydration in your body. Now, recollect how relieving it is when you apply moisturizer to the dehydrated skin. Daily skincare has become more of a need than a choice.

Lack Of Staple Diet

This is one of the most important causes of skin ageing and drying. The simple equation here is your skin is not absorbing nutrition from your body due to the deficiency. Although, the very first sign of nutrient deficiency is dryness and dullness of the skin. Even water, the insufficient quantity might lead to pimples, acne, dark spots, etc.

Skin Care is the Part Of Self-Care

With radiant skin comes confidence and calmness. While you remain undistracted by your skin problems, your undivided attention goes to other segments of progress. After nourishing your face, spend some more time on your body, gently massaging your arms and legs with all-natural body lotions.

SkinCare Made Easier – Conclusion

Skin-Care Is The Biggest Gift You Can Give Yourself This Christmas. To all the women out there, skincare is easier than ever with body care products online. Shop more for natural and organic skincare products, that too from the comfort of your homes. And stop relying on the artificials that promise deep cleansing and in return leave your skin lifeless.

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