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Fitbit Are Receiving Versa 3, and Fitbit Sense’s new OS update will let its users hear audible responses from Google assistant.

Also, updated Fitbit smartwatches will access SpO2 information more easily. Low and high heart rate notifications. Easy watch face switching and new celebrations for meeting goals. Earlier updates from Fitbit Versa 3 and Fitbit Sense added support for Google assistant, but the responses were limited to text. Fitbit has not provided any information about the firmware version of the update nor any information about the areas receiving the updates.

Fitbit announced that Fitbit is receiving Versa 3 and Fitbit Sense and an OS update that will bring audio responses to fitness wearables from Google assistant. With these audio responses, Google assistant will also provide text answers to user’s questions and commands as before. In particular, audio responses are optional and can also be turned off. Fitbit has a support webpage explaining how to connect the assistant to wearables. So, a lot of newbies joined the Fitbit latest update. The review from users will define the success of these updates. If the users are giving them a thumbs up, then it is clear that the updates are useful.

SpO2 Monitoring

Additionally, Fitbit will now let users access SpO2 surveillance information from more locations in their smartwatches. Users can view their blood oxygen level information from last week’s on-wrist today dashboard, with SpO2 watch face, and from within the health metrics dashboard. Premium customers can view and interpret their previous month’s data on the health metrics dashboard. After the pandemic, health-related products gained a high momentum as they are the life savior for many. A wider audience will love this SpO2 monitoring feature, as, after Corona, everyone is sensitive about it.

Heart Rate Notifications

Fitbit Versa 3 will also give high or low heart rate notifications to users. The smartwatch will monitor 24×7 heart data and send a notification if the heart rate crosses the limit set by users. Along with the notification, Fitbit also gives users the option to conduct a survey within Fitbit which helps them better understand their heart rate data. This Fitbit Sense was already available to users. The Fitbit Sense users are aware of this feature for a long time, but after the Versa update, it is available to a wider section.

Clock Face

In addition, OS updates also make it easier to change the faces of the watch without leaving the main screen. “Just press the clock face for a few seconds to open the clock app to choose from the selection of your favorite clock face,” explains the blog post. There are also new on-wrist festivals to keep users motivated to achieve their goals more often.

In brief, the Versa 3 is going on a next-level health update with high low heart notifications, SpO2 monitoring, and more watch faces to switch. The new users will surely be attracted by these features. The company will display these updates to increase their sales as people are now more conscious about health after corona, and SpO2 monitoring is something that everyone wants to know and keep an update on it. This will ensure their oxygen level are not abnormal. If it is, they should consult with a doctor, as the corona affects the lungs majorly.

Source :-  https://allofficesetup.com/blog/now-fitbit-versa-3-and-sense-will-monitor-your-spo2/


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