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Nutshell activated carbon has good adsorption capacity and good decolorization ability, with developed pores and ample internal space, which can absorb various impurities and organic matter, etc., as a professional water purification activated carbon, a small amount of nutshell activated carbon can be used in the beverage and beverage industries. To a good effect.

Stable, reliable, healthy and harmless. As a processing material for quoting resources, it is the first choice that does not pose a threat to human health.activated carbon granule manufacturer Nutshell activated carbon is mainly physical adsorption, which is non-toxic and harmless, and does not react. It is one of the ideal choices .

Absorb impurities, reduce chroma, and improve purity. In water treatment, nutshell activated carbon mainly relies on its own good adsorption capacity to absorb impurities, pigments and organics in wine and beverages to improve the purity of wine and beverages.

Improve water quality and taste. As we all know, the health and taste of wine and beverages are indispensable. Nutshell activated carbon is essential for the sediment in wine and beverages, such as the turbidity of liquor; the pectin and protein of beer; the bitterness of juice in beverages. It has a good adsorption effect and is a blending agent to improve taste.

The price is cheap and the performance is strong. The shell activated carbon can adsorb impurities in wines and beverages, as well as organic matter, and at the same time improve the taste.buy powdered activated carbon However, because its raw materials are mainly made of apricot shell, date shell, peach shell and other raw materials, the fruit The price of shell activated carbon is not high, and the price advantage makes shell activated carbon very popular in many industries.

It can be seen that the rapid development of husk activated carbon in the beverage and beverage industries is not accidental. The strong adsorption capacity, coupled with the price advantage of husk activated carbon, allows husk activated carbon to be quickly integrated into many industries.


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