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Obviously, he has a crush on me.

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She always felt that such a “pragmatic” person as Lu Ran should not understand the girl's persistence in “commemoration” I can't understand it but he will respect it They first play the game of shooting Rao can and Cheng Doudou are not very developed type of motor nerve but Jiang Nuan a shot you know there is no ten shots in ten Lu Ran would you like to have a try Jiang Nuan turned Biochemicals and Pharmaceutical Chemicals his head to ask the teenager who looked at them lightly in his pocket You guys play Jiang Nuan is a little regretful but these games may not really attract Lu Ran In the electronic shooting all three girls were wiped out Jiang Nuan looked at the electronic gun for a long time thinking that he did not have a problem with his eyes “I always feel that there is an error in aiming!” Lu ran who had never spoken finally took it from Jiang Nuan's hand “I'll try it” “Yes!”! Ok The three girls all gathered behind Lu Ran but the first two shots were also miss the target Sure enough even Lu Ran can't But Lu ran just turned his face sideways and the third shot was on the target Jiang Nuan is stupefied patted Lu Ran from the back “Ok!”! Brother “Did you touch the boy's waist casually” Lu ran glanced at Jiang Nuan ……” Rao can and Cheng Doudou are happy Lu ran's fourth shot was more accurate By the time of the tenth round it hit the bull's eye Rao can and Cheng Doudou clapped their hands At the end of the game there were still more than twenty coins left Let's go and clip the doll! Cheng Doudou suggested Jiang Nuan wrinkled his nose and said “Don't you just give the money to the amusement park” Anyway it must have been calculated not to let us clamp it! Rao can smiled and said “Maybe it will be different with Lu Ran” Haven't we been unable to hit the target before But didn't Lu Ran do it “Yes!”! We haven't been clamped since we were kids Even my parents didn't make it! If Lu Ran can clip it it's like a perfect ending! So they gathered around the doll machine again Lu ran lowered his head and looked at a pile of pink piglets inside He frowned slightly and asked “What is this” Peppa Pig! You don't know Cheng Doudou said Lu ran did not speak Jiang Nuan touched the back of the head “I thought this is the pig did not expect this pig has a name” Lu ran held the joystick in his hand and the girls around him were ready The claws of the machine moved and for the first time they were empty Jiang Nuan smiled “Ha ha ha you really live up to expectations!” ” But Rao can said “Lu Ran is an experience-accumulating type” When he knows the machine he's sure to get it “All right!”! We still have a lot of coins to let him accumulate experience China Chemicals Suppliers ha ha ha! Lu ran glanced at Jiang Nuan and said “It seems that my failure is particularly easy to please you” “Yes” Jiang Nuan did not mind the earth spread out his hands Lu ran three times in a row all failed the side of Rao can and Cheng Doudou Doudou a face nervous to burst liver Jiang Nuan is not looking at that pile of Peppa Pig but Lu ran's side face That was his earnest expression in addition to his study and fencing She suddenly realized that for her the best thing left to her by this playground was not because it was about to disappear But before it disappeared Lu ran accompanied her here After several more times Lu ran scooped up the sleeves of his school uniform revealing his tight forearm lines Lu ran may not have found that Rao can with appreciation and Cheng Doudou is about to hide the expression of nymphomaniac looking at his forearm After three or four attempts Lu ran failed There must be something wrong with this machine Rao can said The amusement park is too stingy It's going to be over tomorrow and it's not generous today Cheng Doudou complained Lu ran to take the game currency from his pocket again Jiang Nuan suddenly remembered that during the Spring Festival Lu ran's mother talked about his persistence in the model competition in junior high school She stretched out her hand and clasped Lu Ran's wrist “In fact it's good that we can never clip it so whenever we pass by here we will remember how powerful the doll machine is here” Don't use up all the coins for a doll machine Lu ran looked at Jiang Nuan and nodded his head Jiang Nuan smiled and pointed to the machine with the big head sticker “Shall we go to take a picture” There are only a few big sticker cameras left in this city! If we tear it down again maybe we won't be able to take a headshot in the future! “Yes!”! I really don't see a place to take headshots anymore! Cheng Doudou immediately agreed And photography here has a beauty effect unlike Material Chemicals my mother who takes it as her duty to destroy my image Jiang Nuan spread out his hands Rao can laughed at once “I really can't agree more!” So several girls crowded into the place where they took the big head stickers Lu Ran won't you come in Jiang Nuan asked Lu ran shook his head slightly “No you three girls take pictures” But Jiang Nuan stretched out his arm and pulled him inside You're a girl's friend now! Rao can and Cheng Doudou who were posing smiled without any image Jiang Nuan seized the opportunity and pressed the button Don't! It's so ugly! Delete it! Delete it! “Don't delete it” It may be the last time in my life to take a photo of the big head You still have to be so hypocritical and concave It's really boring! Jiang Nuan just won't let them delete it Forget it For the last time I won't argue with you In the dark corner of your heart you must want to treasure my ugly appearance for the rest of your life “But Lu Ran is really different from our painting style!” As soon as Cheng Doudou said Jiang Nuan felt that Lu Ran's expressionless but handsome appearance was in sharp contrast to the way they smiled with their mouths wide open This one is good! Keep it! When they came out Cheng Doudou and Rao can were looking at the photos and choosing what they liked to stay Lu Ran you're leaving behind evidence of fooling around with us Rao can looked back and said This sentence suddenly reminded Jiang Nuan She has to leave some evidence that Lu ran came to the amusement park globalchemmall.com


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