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You have no problem bundling up and golfing all winter long, but sometimes you might not have the option—local courses decide it’s time to close up shop for the season. With winter approaching, you need to plan for the off-season. Thankfully, you can still work on your game without stepping foot on the course. From getting fit for custom golf clubs to fine-tuning your swing, here’s how to level up your golf game this winter.

Work on Your Form

You can practice your golf swing practically anywhere. Inside, outside, with a club, without a club—this is the perfect way to swing away those winter blues.

Simply grab a club, a club-like stick, or an imaginary club and set up in your stance. Preferably in front of a mirror or somewhere you can record yourself.

Then, slowly go through every step of your swing. It should feel robotic at first, and remember every cue to maintain perfect form. Make sure your elbows stay together at the top of your backswing. Keep your trailing arm straight. Rotate your shoulders and hips. Get your legs engaged. Most importantly, don’t forget to follow through.

Then, put it all together and smooth it out. With no fear of mishits, you can make sure your form is impeccable. If you practice your swing all winter, you’ll minimize any “rust” in your game come springtime.

Schedule a Fitting for Custom Golf Clubs

Want to improve your game while escaping the cold weather? Schedule a golf club fitting.

During the fitting process, not only do you work with an expert to build custom clubs that match your swing, but you also get to work in a golf simulator. You don’t get that sweet smell of a fresh-cut fairway, but you do get to take countless swings at a ball and see how you’d fare on a simulated course.

Plus, custom golf club sets built to match your swing can provide a considerable boost to your game. Once spring rolls around, you’ll be so happy you invested in custom clubs this winter.

Try Out an Indoor Putting Green

Tired of three-putts ruining your chance at a birdie? Well, this winter might be the time to work on your putting skills.

No matter where you live, there are probably several indoor putting greens near you. And if it’s one at your favorite golf store, you also have the chance to try out different putters as well.

Or, you can even run a few putting drills at home. Set a quarter on the ground and aim for it with every swing. Or set a yardstick down on the floor and try to keep your putt in line with it. While you might not be able to practice your drive just anywhere, you can putt pretty much any place with a flat surface.

Take Some Time to Work on Things Besides Your Swing

There are other ways to improve your golf game besides practicing your swing. When the weather outside is frightful, you can make these your priority.

Hitting the weights and working on your flexibility can have huge returns on your game. Being able to swing harder and smoother is always a good thing.

Or, you can level up your game by researching clubs and finding ones with technology that helps you perform better on the course.

Finally, finding some time for a little rest and relaxation is a must in the golf off-season. The game will still be there when you get back. But by letting your body and mind recover, you can approach your first 18 holes back fresh and rejuvenated.

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