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Welcome to the harmonious world of Office Vastu, where the energy of your workspace intertwines with the ancient principles of Vastu Shastra. A well-designed office not only boasts productivity but also invites positive energies.

In this blog, we delve into the top Vastu Showpieces for Office Decor, carefully curated to align with the principles of Office Vastu. They're not just decorations; they're instruments of transformation. Explore, embrace, and witness the magic as your office radiates with newfound energy. It's time to infuse your workspace with positivity and productivity – the Office Vastu way!

Laughing Buddha

Laughing Buddha showpiece for office

One popular statue believed to bring good luck is the “Laughing Buddha” or “Budai.” This Laughing Buddha statue, often depicted as a jovial monk with a round belly, is associated with joy, prosperity, and positive energy. Placing a Laughing Buddha statue on the reception desk or in the southeast corner of the office is believed to attract wealth, good fortune, and foster a cheerful productive work atmosphere.

Bamboo Plant

Bamboo plant showpiece for office

The Lucky Bamboo plant is believed to bring good luck, prosperity, and positive energy. Position it in the southeast corner to attract wealth and financial stability. Avoid placing it in the northeast or northwest corners.

Crystal Tortoise Showpiece

Crystal Tortoise showpiece

A tortoise is considered a symbol of stability, patience, and longevity. Its presence is thought to provide a shield against negative energies, creating a secure environment for your career pursuits.

Placing a small tortoise figurine on the office desk or in the north direction is believed to bring stability and success. The north is associated with career advancement in Vastu.

Metal Elephant

elephant showpiece for office

An elephant figurine made of metal is thought to bring strength and wisdom. Place it in the southwest corner of your desk for enhanced leadership qualities and stability. Avoid placing it in the northeast corner.

Desk Globe

globe showpiece for office

globe represents global connectivity, business expansion, and opportunities. Place the globe in the north or northeast direction of your office. A globe in this position enhances networking and global business prospects.

If the North or North-East is not feasible, consider placing the globe in the East direction. The East is associated with new beginnings and opportunities. Having a globe in this direction signifies the potential for expanding your business horizons.

Desk Organizer

desk organizer

A well-organized desk symbolizes efficiency, clarity, and order. In Vastu, maintaining an organized desk is believed to create a positive and productive atmosphere, fostering success and goal achievement. Position the desk organizer on your desk, ideally in a central location. This allows for easy access to essential items and promotes a clear and uncluttered workspace.


lion showpiece for office

Lion showpiece for office decor is a powerful symbol of strength, courage, and leadership. In Vastu, they are believed to enhance decision-making and authority. Place a lion figurine in the west or southwest corner to boost your leadership qualities and strength. Avoid placing it in the northeast corner.


owl vastu showpiece for office

The owl symbolizes wisdom, intuition, and keen observation. Place owl showpiece in the northeast corner for heightened focus and intellectual clarity. This corner is considered auspicious for promoting knowledge and understanding. Avoid placing it in the south or southwest corners.

Deer Showpiece

Deer vastu showpiece for office

Deer symbolize creativity, gentleness, and harmony. Known for its gentle nature, the deer represents a harmonious balance between strength and serenity. Incorporating a deer showpiece into your office decor is believed to invite these qualities into your professional life.

Position a deer figurine in the east or southeast corner to stimulate creative inspiration. Avoid placing it in the south or southwest corners, as these areas are believed to carry strong energies that may not align with the gentle nature of the deer.

Table Clock

agate table clock for office

For office Vastu, a highly auspicious showpiece is the “Agate Table Clock.” Time is like a treasure; once it's gone, we can't get it back. In the realm of office Vastu showpiece, the agate table clock stands out as a unique and stylish addition to your workspace. A clock signifies the importance of time management, punctuality, and a disciplined work routine. If it is an agate stone table clock, it is believed to bring stability, clarity, and a sense of grounding.

Place it in the north or northeast corner for improved productivity and career advancement. The result? A life rich in meaning and the fulfillment of your desired outcomes. Avoid placing it in the southern part of the office.

Here's a chart of lucky Vastu showpiece for office decor and their suggested placements:

Showpiece Significance Ideal Placement
Tortorise Stability and Longevity North direction or at the entrance
Bamboo Plant Wealth and Prosperity Southeast corner
Laughing Buddha Joy, Abundance, and Good Luck Main entrance facing inward or northeast corner
Globe Global Connectivity and Business Expansion Northeast or central location
Elephant Strength, Wisdom, and Good Fortune Entrance facing inward or south/southwest direction
Agate Table Clock Clarity and Positive Energy Left side of the desk or north/northeast direction
Desk Organizer Efficiency and Order On the desk or in the northwest corner
Deer Creativity and Tranquility East or southeast corner
Lion Strength, Courage, and Leadership West or southwest corner
Owl Wisdom, Intuition, and Focus Northeast corner or on the study desk


And that's a wrap on our tour of office Vastu showpiece for office decor! Think of it like redecorating your office with magic vibes. Imagine your office as a superhero, and these showpieces are its trusty sidekicks, ready to bring in good vibes and success. So, as you sprinkle a bit of Vastu magic, may your office turn into a happy, successful place where every workday feels like a victory lap. Here's to good vibes, good times, and an office that's as cool as your favorite superhero hideout!

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