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Oil vs. Loc Gel: What is Best for Retwisting Your Locks?

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We will discuss both the methods here one by one, so that you can decide which one suits your locs better.

1.    Using Oil to Retwist Locs

Using oil to retwist your locs can be a great way to restyle your hair in a natural way. Using Castor oil mixed with water will stretch your locs, making them look and feel cleaner. This method also prevents the locs from develop mildew and buildup.


Before retwisting your locs, make sure to wash them first. This will prevent any persistent buildup from damaging your hair and scalp. It is also important to keep your locs clean by washing them at least once a month. You should never wash your locs more than twice a month – doing so can result in breakage and hair loss.


Using oil to retwist locs is an effective solution for tangles and can be applied to the hair after washing. You can use a combination of Olive oil, Black Castor oil, or Tea Tree oil to tame your locs. The mixture will work effectively if applied to the roots.

2.    Using Loc Gel to Retwist Locs

Choosing a retwisting loc gel for your dreadlocks is a crucial step in maintaining your locks. It is best to choose a product that contains natural ingredients, such as Flaxseed, Vitamin E oil, and/or suitable essential oils. However, be wary of gels that are made with toxic chemical ingredients. These may damage your dreadlocks.


While you are deciding between retwisting the loc gels and oils, you should keep in mind that they have different purposes. Gels are generally more flexible and can be used to retwist your dreadlocks. Oils are more permanent. However, a loc gel is also more effective for locking your dreadlocks in place.


When choosing between a loc gel and oil retwisting solution, make sure to read the product labels carefully. The right product can leave you with healthy, lush locs. Conversely, the wrong product can cause your hair to develop mildew and unpleasant build-up. Most loc retwisting products have a wax or gel base. If you would rather use an all-natural variant, you can try NIA The Loc God’s Lock & Retwist Gel.

Tips for Retwisting Your Locs

If you are new to retwisting your dreadlocks, you will want to make sure you follow all instructions carefully. If you are afraid of messing up your hair, ask someone to help you! It's also helpful to take photos of your progress, particularly if this is your first time.

When you are using a retwisting gel, try to apply it to the palm of your hand first. Then, apply a small amount of gel to the section of loc you are working with. You should repeat this process for the next section of locs.

When choosing a dreadlock retwisting gel, try to find one that is mild and non-greasy. You will want something that will absorb quickly without sticking in your dreadlocks. A loc gel that's too oily can cause damage.

It's important to avoid using gels or oils that contain alcohol or petroleum because these products can suffocate your hairline.

Retwisting your locs can take anywhere from two to five hours. The time required depends on how much experience you have and how often you wash your hair. If you are an expert at retwisting locs, you should expect to complete the task in a couple of hours. However, if you are just starting out, it's advisable to take your time and plan ahead for some extra time. Practice makes perfect, so the more you do it, the faster you will become.

Our Verdict

At the end of the day, it is crucial to make sure which type of product suits your locs. If you want to detangle your hair, oil may be better. But for locking, we recommend you the NIA Loc gel.


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