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OK Savings Bank Brion, 5 Consecutive Losses ‘NOT OK’

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OK Brion, 5 Consecutive Losses, ‘NOT OK’ as it is Lee Joo-hyun’s Login e-Sports



OK Savings Bank Brion, contrary to its name, is having a season that is not ‘OK’.

OK Brion has recorded 5 consecutive losses since the start of the 2024 LCK (League of Legends Champions Korea) spring season, ranking 10th and last in the league.

They finished the season in 8th place in the league, but unlike last summer, when they showed ‘power' when they won against Gen.G Esports, Dplus Kia, and T1, they are showing a lethargic appearance. 카지노사이트킹

The Guangdong Freecs, who finished in last place in the 2023 Summer Split, are being compared to the fact that they are defeating strong teams one after another this season, making fans feel sad.

OK Brion, mired in a ‘swamp of consecutive losses', will face T1 on the 3rd.

T1 lost to Gen.G in the opening match on January 17th, but has been on a 4-game winning streak since then, defeating KT Rolster and Hanwha Life Esports.

From OK Brion’s point of view, it was like meeting the worst opponent.

But a crisis can be an opportunity.

This is because if they win against T1, they will be able to regain the confidence they lost all at once.

OK Savings Bank Brion coach Choi Woo-beom also expressed his sincerity in an interview after losing against DRX on the 28th, saying, “Regardless of win or loss, it is important to gain confidence by winning a set against a strong team.”

Even during the 2022 LCK Spring, when OK Brion advanced to the playoffs, a victory against a strong team changed the atmosphere.

OK Brion, who had suffered four consecutive losses at the end of the first round, continued their four-game winning streak after winning against KT Rolster in the third game of the second round.

Afterwards, they lost to T1 and Gen.G, but even defeated Damwon Kia (now Dplus Kia), which was considered a strong team, and experienced the joy of advancing to the playoffs for the first time since its founding.

For OK Brion to win against T1, the role of top laner ‘Morgan’ Park Lu-han is important.

This is because it is essential to block the attacks of T1 top laner Choi ‘Zeus’ Woo-je.

Choi Woo-je is showing overwhelming power this season based on his powerful line play.

The 15-minute gold gap is 778, ranking first among top laners, and the damage per minute is also at the top with 563.

In particular, the number of solo kills has already reached 12.

Park Ruhan's indicators are not as good as the team's performance is bad.

However, even in the midst of losing streak, the 15-minute gold gap is -64, ranking in the middle among top laners.

The kill involvement rate is the highest at 62.4%.

As he is showing strength in lane play, the key seems to be to focus on minimizing Choi Woo-je's influence.

In the ban pick stage, Yone and Aatrox are the key players.

Choi Woo-je is the two champions, and each has a record of 6 wins this season with 3 wins and 0 losses.

Luhan Park won once with Yone and lost once with Aatrox.

As both players prefer Yone, the battle of nerves over this is expected to be fierce.

If Yone is banned and Aatrox is given away, Park Ruhan is likely to bring out Xanthe.

Not only is it suitable as an anti-carry that blocks the opponent's influence, but it also has a high win rate of 58% against Aatrox.

Industry insiders are expressing concern that OK Brion will fall into a ‘vicious cycle of the weak' if it continues like this.

This means that if a team in the bottom tier continues to experience losses, the players become discouraged and it becomes more difficult to play well, which ultimately leads to defeat.

Attention is being paid to whether OK Brion will be able to break out of the ‘vicious cycle' by fighting hard against T1.



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