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Old routers can be used as wireless bridges

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Cheap Internet Broadcast Streaming

Still thinking about how to handle the old router?
Why not enjoy your favorite radio station online? If you are preparing to install OpenWrt or DD-WRT custom router firmware, some routers can be configured to play internet broadcasts.

You also need some other software, as well as a USB sound card to output audio.

Although this is not a simple build and there are many other webcasting options available, it is still a great project. It allows you to understand how to install custom firmware and how to enjoy streaming music.

Use a router as an inexpensive network switch

Most routers have no more than 6 Ethernet ports. With the increase in wireless technology around homes, this number may even drop to 4. However, due to the need to connect devices through Ethernet, you may run out of ports.

For example, online games using a console or PC are more reliable using Ethernet. Your TV decoder provides better streaming media over Ethernet than wireless decoders.

If the Ethernet ports are used up, more Ethernet ports can be added through the network switch. It is basically a network version of the main power bar, with an additional port inserted on one port of the router.

Your old router usually has four or more ports, so the connection will immediately increase the number of available ports. You should disable wireless networks on your old router to avoid conflicts.

Turn your old router into a wireless bridge

What if your new router only has wireless functionality? Perhaps the ISP does not provide a router with an Ethernet port, or you are using a 4G or 5G internet provider. Either way, if you need to connect an Ethernet device to your home network, the wireless bridge is the answer.

Although it is cheap, old routers can be used as wireless bridges.

Its working principle is a bit like a wireless repeater, but what a wireless bridge provides is not a shared Wi Fi connection, but Ethernet. The old router connects to the existing Wi Fi network – simply connect the device to the Ethernet port.


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