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Olfactory (Smell Or Scent) Communication In Cats

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How Far Can Cats Smell? The Secret Superpower Of Your Cat's Nose

Approximately, cats have thousands and thousands of smell receptor cells that are distributed across their heads and upper parts of their bodies. These are divided into 5 areas – front paws, inner fore legs and back paws (including tufts), the face, other areas on the body, and the underside of the tail.

Cats can intensely detect odors and they can also detect several different volatile chemicals at once. Because cats are notorious for their excellent sense of smell, they use this as a great method of communication and protection.

This can be a very important form of communication within a group, especially if a predator is present. Considering the sensitive nature and dependence that many domesticated cats place on their owners, it is not surprising that they would use scent to communicate information to one another. Not only that they can send their message across through their sense of smell, but they can also protect themselves from danger.

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