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Omni-Channel Retailing

Omni-channel retailing is a strategy that incorporates and leverages different channels to influence the buying decision of a customer. As the customer journey is no longer a straight curve and includes various touch-points, Omni-channel retail aims at delivering a seamless shopping experience no matter where the customer is (online or in-store), what device they are using (mobile or desktop), and which platform they access content from (Email, web, mobile app). The retailers and customers have information about the availability and location of products. The customer will check the store’s website to see if the product they want is available at a nearby location and what the shipping time and cost will be. The store can fulfill the order from a distribution center, the local store, or any place with the item in stock. Successful businesses are still striving on how to enhance the customer experience. At this point, Omni-channel is meant to be the best for customer experience.

Retail POS Software

Point of Sale (POS) is where the retail sales are done. Retail POS Software acts as the central component which is connected to many things such as Inventory Management, customer management, accounting, etc. POS software manages the error-free transaction between Retailers and Customers. Retail POS software is essentially a substitution of the traditional cash register. Retailers who decline to use Point-of-sales software are likely to be left behind in a world of printed/handwritten receipts, late-night inventory checks, and calculators. Integrated technology in the retail business is a Must to keep the ball rolling. POS software allows retailers with the capacity to bring their business into the 21st Century. An efficient Retail POS software enables Sales Reporting, Inventory Management and Customer Management.

Omni-Channel Ecommerce Solutions

Omni-channel Ecommerce Solutions extend from brick-and-mortar to online shops and encompass

  • Marketplaces
  • Mobile websites and applications
  • Social Media marketing
  • Messaging and SMS
  • Personalized email marketing

The objective is to bring together all these features along with the multi-channel listing, POS integration, and inventory management. Omni-channel implementation is a powerful way to customize each channel to meet the unique needs of the customer. The inventories and supply chains are managed as single entities to enable retailers to meet the customer needs everywhere and at any time.

Omni-Channel CRM

Omni-channel CRM is a business strategy that supports the exercise of targeting, acquiring, retaining, and collaborating with customers. It integrates customer interaction at all levels of the business. Today’s CRMs can cross channels to connect with artificial intelligence (AI) software like chatbots and act as the backbone for conversational interfaces. CRM systems will begin automatically to adjust workflows for increased efficiency. CRM systems, together with the help of AI, can configure retail systems to reduce manual work, create automated behavior, and reconfigure user interfaces to better-fit user patterns.

  • Omni-channel CRM enhances the management’s understanding of how the business is communicating with its customers at every touchpoint.
  • The business can automate everyday repeated activities that would otherwise consume a major chunk of its resources primarily time, revenue, and effort.
  • Automation leads to a gradual improvement in efficiency levels as multiple departments are now working together towards communicating with customers in a streamlined manner.

An Omni-channel CRM strategy empowers to acknowledge customer queries on different social media platforms from a single source. With CRM placed, teams based in geographically separated locations and branches can unite on one platform and interface.


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