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The year 2020 has been disturbing. A microscopic pathogen has brought the world economy to its knees. People all over the world are suffering not only from fear of this fatal novel corona virus but also from severe financial crisis as businesses have come to a practical standstill. Whether it is real estate or transportation, tourism or teaching, everything is experiencing heavy losses. While most businesses have found alternative methods to cope with this crisis with the help of technology, it may not have been enough for every industry. Since many people are suffering loss of jobs and careers, it is only fair to assume that people are looking for alternative income opportunities such as home based on demand businesses using mobile apps.

What is on demand business?

On demand business is a model where an aggregator makes services available for their customers whenever they need it. It is most successful in the aggregator model because it gives customers more control over who they’d like to hire or where they’d like to buy from and saves money for the service providers because each service provider doesn’t have to buy a different app for the same.

However, in case the app owner himself or herself is a service provider, they too can buy their own app and start off their own business with the help of it. The app essentially acts as a forum or a platform, where customers can look for their requirements and service providers can list their expertise. The app matches the buyer (or employer/ hirer) with the service provider and everyone gets what they want.

Top On Demand business ideas

On Demand Food Delivery Services

The importance of hygienic home food delivery doesn’t need to be mentioned twice. With so many people stuck with work from home models, the need to get clean, fresh and hygienic food delivered to their doorsteps is becoming very important.

If you don’t wish to start your own catering or restaurant business, you can start this app based on demand business from home easily. All you need to do is make sure that you get in touch with a few restaurants in and around your area, or even catering services and then no matter which restaurant your customers order food from, you will always make a commission.

On Demand Grocery Delivery Services

Just because the world is at a stand still doesn’t mean that people will not need their daily required items. Groceries are absolutely essential regardless of a pandemic or a calamity. This is why, an on demand app based solution to ensure grocery delivery can be very successful.

Just like in case of the restaurants, you will need to establish tie ups and deals with grocery stores in and around your areas. When a user logs in to the app, they will be able to see a list of the stores registered within the app and can then select the store of their choice. After this, they can select the items that they want to buy and add them to their cart. Once checked in and order confirmed, the items will be delivered to the customer.

On demand Tutor

This is another great home based option. The app will allow users to hire tutors to offer their expertise and teachings to the students. The app is based on an on demand flow, therefore, the users will be able to see a list of all the tutors in the area along with their charges and hire the one that they think is most suited for the task.

On Demand massage therapist

Another fascinating option is on demand massage therapist. The app eliminates any ambiguity with respect to the services needed or offered. Since the pricing and the payment is handled automatically via the app, everything happens in a seamless fashion. You, as the app owner, earn a commission on each booking.

On Demand Pharmacy Delivery Services

Even though the Covid-19 novel corona virus has made us most scared of this one virus, people are continuing to fall sick. People have other ailments that need for them to rely on pharmacies for medicines and other medical products. With the help of on demand pharmacy delivery app you can ensure that you customers can log in and buy their medicines without a hitch to get them delivered to their doorstep. Once again, regardless of the pharmacy that the customer wants to buy the items from, you as the user will always make a commission.

Gojek Clone App

If you don’t want to limit your service offerings to just one type, you can opt to buy Gojek Clone app. This app is a culmination of all the different types of services just with the help of a single click. This means that a single app, with a single log in can make sure that your customer can book a taxi, buy food, grocery or medicines online or even hire service providers like tutors, doctors, massage therapists, electricians, plumbers and more.

If you wish to do this, then you will benefit by buying your Gojek Clone app from a reliable white label on demand mobile app Development Company with at least 6 to 8 years of experience in this industry. Take a look at their products and don’t forget to take a live demo test to be sure of the quality of the app.


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