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On-Demand Logistics & Transportation App Development Solutions : Cost & Advanced Features

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Imagine a situation where you come back home after a tiring day at the office. What do you expect at that moment? Certainly, you wish you could get your favorite pizza, isn’t it? Of course, you are too tired to cook anything on your own. Well, an on-demand food delivery app can help you order pizza instantly. Similarly, on-demand apps help you book doctor’s appointments, salon appointments, and many more services.

We can say that the on-demand business model suits almost any industry right from dog walking to transportation. If you are planning to invest in logistics app development, you need to understand your competition and know about the app features, tech-stack, and mobile app development costs incurred towards building a transport and logistics app.

This blog would help you explore the guide to details about costs and other aspects of an on-demand logistic app.

Transport & Logistic Industry – Market Statistics


Certainly, transport and logistics contribute to the world’s economy to a greater extent. Let us know about the global statistics of the transport & logistics industry.

  • In 2018, Germany ranks at the top in logistic markets with a 4.19 index score
  • The results were based on the Logistics Performance Index – LPI which assesses the performance of the on-demand logistic sector.
  • The above numbers clearly state the increasing demand for on-demand logistics app development solutions in the logistics and transport sector.
  • By 2020 pandemic hit almost all the industries, transport and logistic industry also faced a downfall. But, by 2024, this sector is expected to witness massive growth.

What Are The Different Types of Transportation and Logistics App solutions?


When it comes to transport & logistic app development company, it offers several app solutions to meet the individual needs of the business. Hence, the different types of logistic apps that can be developed by app development companies are :

1. Fleet Management

This app solution is used by businesses to store the data and information related to fleets and vehicles. These apps enable,

  • Flawless communication and co-ordination
  • Organized fleet management
  • Organization of vehicles for smooth operations through integrated data.

These apps abide by the regulations laid by the government, cut down costs, and enhance business performance.

2. Warehouse Apps

The main objective behind the warehouse app development solution is to improve interaction with the suppliers.

The apps help businesses ensure that the assets and products are placed safely with the utmost security and fetch the details of the location and status of all the goods. The businesses can reduce the time taken to verify the process carried out during physical loading and organize picking tasks.

3. On-Demand Logistics

Here, the on-demand app allows users to get goods delivered and shipping logistics within a few clicks.

4. Tracking Apps

A logistic development firm needs to pay attention to fixing issues related to product delivery during the development of such apps. The apps offer real-time delivery information to resolve the issues that arise like current location, the correct route, location of the shipment, and timely deliveries.

Essential and Advanced Features To Be Integrated Into On-Demand Logistic Mobile App


Customer Panel

  • User Authentication
  • Select Vehicle
  • Profile Creation and management
  • Schedule booking
  • Driver Contact
  • Track Shipment
  • Cancel reservation
  • Fare estimation
  • Rate Driver
  • Push Notification
  • Bill payment

Driver Panel

  • Payments
  • GPS tracking
  • Check freight details
  • Manage requests
  • Check shippers details

Admin Panel

  • Login
  • Driver management
  • Dashboard
  • Payment and invoice
  • Shipper management
  • Manage fleet and vehicles
  • Referral Rewards
  • Trip Evaluate reports
  • Dispatchers management

Advanced Features

  • In-app Chat
  • Multilingual for driver support
  • Cloud Operations
  • Live statistics of delivery from your merchant
  • GPS
  • Driver safety
  • Referral Rewards
  • Real-time analytics

What would Be The Costs Incurred To Build a Logistics & Transport Mobile App?


The white-label logistics mobile app development cost depends on the distinct aspects and features. When you calculate the approx. cost of building a logistic mobile app, you should consider the following factors :

Features of The App

When you try to find out the logistics and transportation app development cost, make sure you pay attention to the features of your app. This is because if the app is developed with basic features, then the app development cost is low. On the other hand, an app with advanced features would cost more.

Location of The Development Team

Certainly, the development cost also increases/decreases based on the location of your development team involved in building your app.

App Platform

If you want to launch your app on the Android platform, the cost would be low as compared to launching it on the iOS platform.

So, again the selection of platforms decides the cost as the developers for each platform have different expertise.

Complexity and Design of The App

In the case of an app, requirements are of basic design, the cost would be low as compared to that of an app that is more complex and has an advanced designing process to follow.

App Development Process

If you wish to integrate advanced technologies into your app like AI, and ML, IoT, the development process needs expertise in these technologies. The development costs increase with the advanced process as it takes more time as well.


To conclude, the transportation and logistics industry is bound to go through massive progress and enhancements with the use of mobile app solutions.

These solutions can improve different departments like fleet maintenance, warehouse management and many more. After looking at the increasing growth in on-demand transport and logistics app development solutions, you can try launching your app soon.

The industry is witnessing massive growth through technology-driven app solutions. If you have made up your mind about building an on-demand app then get in touch with an expert logistics app development company having expert developers.

Apps On Demand can be your trusted mobile app development services in the USA to help you develop your logistic app through structured and affordable logistics app development services. Get in touch with us today to discuss your app idea. We have a solution for your business requirement with us.

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