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On the Benefits of Touchless Electronic Bathroom Faucets

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The first effect produced by a bathroom with touchless fixtures such as electronic bathroom faucets is one of technological progress and superiority. It produces an impression of novelty and lends an air of gravity and progress to the setting. Of course, it also adds class.

Although, we are trending into an era in which, likely sooner rather than later, touchless will be the new norm, and manually activated public plumbing fixtures will be a relic. Of course, they will still exist, but they will not be as common as they are today. Quite as much is already happening.

But it’s not about embracing the march of the future that makes touchless electronic bathroom faucets valuable. Far from it: in fact, there are a number of significant advantages associated with touchless fixtures, including the following:

● Improving hygiene, sanitation, and safety: many touchless bathroom sink faucets, regardless of whether or not they are battery-powered or wired, are activated remotely via automatic sensors. This offers a hands-free interface and singlehandedly can help prevent cross-contamination and the spread of pathogens.

However, that is not the only way that sensor faucets can improve safety. They eliminate manual mixing, too, and the temperature control mixing valve can be controlled and set hot and cold water remotely, helping to create a pleasant experience, eliminating the user from experiencing either scalds or frigidly cold water.

● Pinpointing failures, remotely, and at the source: Electronic bathroom faucets do not simply feature sensor activation. Many aspects of them can also be remotely monitored or controlled. In many models, if there is a part failure, such as a leak, a failure of a sensor, or a valve, that can be remotely detected so that repairs can be made in a more timely and efficient manner.

● Water conservation and management: Many motion sensor bathroom faucets enable administrators or managers to preset flow rates, temperature mixers, and more. This enables them to remotely manage and optimize water consumption. Even touchless faucet models that can’t be set remotely still cannot be accidentally left on, helping to eliminate the waste of water. This is environmentally beneficial and also can save a significant amount of money on utilities for all parties involved.

● Streamlining maintenance, allocating resources: Given the current infrastructure which consists largely of manually activated plumbing fixtures, maintenance crews need to make regular rounds to “to check up” on fixtures and make repairs. With improved hygiene protocols and remote management in place, maintenance managers and building administrators can more effectively direct the flow of human resources in order to conduct maintenance or repairs, further saving money and boosting efficiency.

● They offer elegant, modern designs: As more and more manufacturers, like TOTO Plumbing Equipment, break into the market for touchless electronic bathroom faucets, they’re investing in aesthetics as much as technology. Whether your facility could benefit from brushed nickel vanity faucets or industrial, matte black, single handle models, there’s something out there for you.

● And much more: There is only limited space herein to cover the many benefits of touchless sensor faucets – and there are others on top of these, some of which may be unique to a specific situation.

Peace of Mind, Ease of Management with TOTO Plumbing Equipment and Smart Restrooms
Fortunately, touchless electronic bathroom faucets are hardly a thing of the future – they’re very much a thing of the present, and with technology such as TOTO Plumbing Equipment’s IoT Smart Restroom technology, plumbing infrastructure can be monitored from anywhere using an easily manageable app that integrates seamlessly with many different systems and devices.

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