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On the Book Edition of Xia Meng’s Crazy Poems and Songs (Gentleman Yize)

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Pei Shi just smiled calmly and did not answer. Before the smile on Shana's face had faded, it suddenly became unnatural: “.” Do you know each other? “Yes, I was recommended to Shaodong by Shishi.” Xia Na seemed to be slapped in the face suddenly, and her face immediately darkened: “Brother, is Han Yueyue recommended by your secretary?” “Yes,” said Xia Chengsi lightly. “Then I can't use this man.” “Why?” Han Yueyue was immediately surprised and said, “didn't you say it well just now?” Xia Na looked at Han Yueyue in silence for a long time, and then looked at the quiet Pei Shi beside her, saying word by word: “How can an amateur recommended by a business secretary play on the first day of the opening of the concert hall?” “I'm not an amateur,” said Han Yueyue. “I've won a prize in a violin competition.” “Do you think you are qualified to play here after winning the prize?” Shana pointed to the glorious lobby behind her. “What concerts have you been to?”? What ensembles have you been in? What albums have you released? Han Yueyue was at a loss for words. Suddenly, Pei Shi's voice floated over lukewarm: “But isn't it Miss Xia's idea to say that she wants to hold a new person to perform?” Xia Na froze and looked back at Pei Shi. From the beginning to the end, she did not move a step at all, but stood silently behind Xia Chengsi, the position of the standard secretary. But she looked at them quietly, not like a secretary who could only do odd jobs, but like the mastermind behind the stage puppet show. The light, plated with gold on her black hair, illuminated half of her beautiful face: “Miss Xia,stainless steel hydraulic fitting, it's not good to go back on one's word.”. I spent a lot of time to invite Miss Han for her performance. Moreover, she can not only play, but also create. When she said “creation”, she emphasized her tone. The pun made Shana's heart twitch. She pursed her lips, raised her voice and said, “Well, since you think she has professional acting ability,needle valve manufacturer, I'll test her again.” “Be my guest.” Pei Shi spread out his hands. Xia Na looked at Han Yueyue: “I play a piece of music, and you play it together. It should be exactly the same as what I play. If I make a mistake, I won't use you again.” Han Yueyue looked at Pei Shi worriedly, and Pei Shi nodded to her reassuringly. She handed the violin in her hand to Shana. Shana tightened her brows. What kind of music should I play to get rid of Han Yueyue? She did not know Han Yueyue's foundation at all, but she knew that Han Yueyue must have memorized “Ode to the Knight” thoroughly. If She gritted her teeth, pulled the bow quickly, and played a long version of “Knight's Song” with continuous vibrato and fast melody-if Han Yueyue had recited the score, she would have tended to play inertially, and it would be impossible not to make mistakes. Sure enough, Han Yueyue was very hesitant to take over the violin. Shana also looked at her nervously, but what she hated more was the man in the corner. I've already been punished once, but I'm still unrepentant and shameless, pipe fittings manufacturer ,38 tube fitting, crawling back like a cockroach. She can't take anything away from herself! Han Yueyue held the violin, breathed a few breaths, and played it repeatedly according to the melody of Xia Na. But before long, at the turning point of the climax, she habitually wanted to play the original version of “Knight's Song”, but suddenly saw Pei Shi frowning and saying with her mouth: “B.” Han Yueyue stopped for a moment, pressed B and then lowered all the next notes to half a tone, and played the whole song without any mistakes. Did I pull it right? She drew in her bow and wiped her sweat. Shana bit her lip. This woman came back for revenge. She was prepared for it. She took one look at Ke Ze, then looked at Pei Shi, and said word by word: “There is still hesitation in the middle, which shows that you are not skilled enough.”. Of course, I'm not the one who goes back on my word. As long as you can win the violin championship of the National Music Competition in January, I will use you. All the people present could not help but feel dumb. The National Music Competition, which relies half on strength and half on luck, is very difficult to win prizes, not to mention giving only one chance, which is really too embarrassing. Everyone can't help looking at Pei Shi. However, almost without thinking, Pei Shi smiled: “No problem.” Shana could not help but freeze. Originally she said so, is determined that Pei Shi will refuse, in order to delay time to think of another way to stop. Who would have thought that she would agree so easily. Of course, she was not the only one who was surprised, and even Xia Chengsi showed a look of great interest. Pei Shi has always maintained an unhurried attitude: “This request is actually not excessive.”. As Han Yueyue's manager and friend, I think it would be more advantageous to perform for the first time after she won the first prize in the music contest than to play as a newcomer. However, since the Corna Concert Hall will not open before then, I would like to rent a studio here as a benefit for the newcomers. I wonder what Miss Xia thinks? Xia Na had no idea what Pei Shi was thinking. Renting a studio in the concert hall, isn't every move under her supervision? Pei Shi could not have thought of this, but he still made this request. She was still hesitating, and Keze, who was sitting in the back, suddenly said, “This proposal is feasible.” He straightened the collar of his shirt and said slowly, “Han Yueyue is really good. She should be a new person who cultivates Ke's family.” It was not until they came out of the concert hall and were about to leave the door of the concert hall that Shana finally realized Pei Shi's language trap-she said so much, in fact, the ultimate goal was to bring the topic to “Ke's new people”. Before that, she only recommended Han Yueyue to perform, and no one agreed to let Han Yueyue enter Ke's music. In this way, Han Yueyue became Ke's violinist as a matter of course, and even Ke Ze was deceived. Xia Na glanced coldly at Pei Shi. At this time, Han Yueyue is opening the piano case, and Pei Shi is waiting patiently with the violin. She is still an outstanding appearance,stainless steel tube fitting, even if she does not speak, dress normally, but also has a kind of magic that people have to pay attention to. chinaroke.com


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