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“As I said, you are our daughter. How can a married daughter not come over?” Mother's face was thin and haggard, but her voice was as beautiful as ever. Gann, Xiao Duo seems to have a good temper, but in fact she is stubborn. You should take care of her more in the future. “Don't worry, Auntie, since I've decided to get married, it's a lifelong thing, and I'll do my best.” Said Gann. Mom I murmured. It turns out that God didn't treat me badly. He gave me a mother, didn't he? At night, my mother and I lay in bed and talked, saying what a mother should say the night before she marries her daughter. After marriage, you are an adult, and you can't be as capricious as a little girl. Their family is a family with a background. Since they have decided to live in Beijing, it's all right. At least there are fewer rights and wrongs. If their families come over, they should treat each other with courtesy. If they are not good to you, don't worry about it. Most of all, Gann is good to you. Child, mother can also see that Gann is a good child, he really likes you, you have to be good to him, do not always keep a straight face. If it's cold all the time, it will hurt people's hearts. Xiaokang is not lucky, but mom wants you to be happy and be nice to Gann. Marriage is a boundary of life, my child, tomorrow you will start another part of your life. Yeah, tomorrow. Tomorrow I'm getting married. But this is not the marriage I expected. Do I have the ability to play my role well? I doubt it. Three thirty eight p.m At 3:38 p.m., I finally calmed down. You and Cheng Hua, did you serve wine when you got married? They match so well that they will look good in the dress. No, it's just a license. Yu smiled and shook his hand at me. “You see, we didn't buy wedding rings,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, and we didn't even take wedding photos.”. The two of us only have a little more than two thousand yuan in salary, and his family is also in difficulty, so we can save as much as we can. But you must be very happy. I said lightly. Happy. However, I had nightmares for several days in a row before I got the license. It was very scary. I either dreamed that the groom was not him when I got married, or that he married several people at once. When I woke up, I told him that he also dreamed that the bride was not me. Wang Ru said that she-oh, yes, she got married last year, almost at the same time as you-she said that she had a similar dream before she got married, and later learned that it was normal to worry about gains and losses before marriage, so don't care too much. What about you? Did you have any dreams before you got married? “I..” Nightmare? My wedding itself was a nightmare. My wedding to Gann was more grand than I could have imagined. I did not expect that less than a month to prepare for the wedding, there is no sign of the slightest haste. Gann told me that it was a Western-style open-air wedding. I thought it was just an invitation to his relatives and friends, but there were hundreds of guests present. It was not until this time that I knew who I had married. I knew that his family was rich, that he was excellent and capable, and that he had become a deputy general manager of a company at a young age, but I didn't expect him to be so rich. The bride's wedding dress is really beautiful. “I heard it was designed by a famous French designer.” “It is said that today's wedding ring.” I overheard the people around me talking and sighing, Lactoferrin Manufacturer ,Quillaja Saponin, and looked suspiciously at him, who was laughing triumphantly, and felt strange. All day long, I felt like a marionette, changing my clothes, changing my jewelry, fixing my makeup, toasting, smirking, and listening to flattery like beauty and the geek. God knows, he's talented, but I may not be as beautiful as him. At the end of the day, with nothing to eat and nothing to eat, I felt numb and exhausted. This is not the wedding I imagined. My wedding, just Akang and I are enough. If we get married in summer, we will go boating on the West Lake, take a walk on the Bai Causeway, and then go to Lingyin Temple to ask for a lot. If we get married in winter, we will go to Harbin to see ice lanterns, eat a string of ice-sugar gourds, and turn around in the maze of ice sculptures. I hate red tape, I hate crowded places, and I hate this wedding I've been through. But Gann didn't know. I said this to you, and even Akang didn't know it. All day long, there were all kinds of people shaking in front of my eyes, which made me dizzy. Everyone kept saying congratulations, but what was the joy? I have a headache. Why is the bride's face always tense. “Yes, it's still gloomy.” “Married to such a good family, the sparrow has become a phoenix, it's time to snicker.” When I went to the bathroom, I heard someone say that. A sparrow becomes a phoenix? No wonder, no wonder my mother wanted to let Shen Duo marry Gann, so she lied about their engagement and marriage, in order to deceive me and make me give up on Gann? Or is this Gann good enough to make them fantasize? However, no matter how good he is, what does it matter if he is rich? I only know that he is not the one I want. Especially when I saw Uncle Fei and his family, they came to congratulate me sincerely, but there was always a little regret between them, which was unspeakably sad. And mom, she saw me in my wedding dress and said she had to go. I knew she was afraid of being touched by the scene, so I didn't ask her to stay. I felt a chill in my heart as I looked at the people drinking in front of me. What fate have I chosen for myself, and how should I go in the future? He was drunk. His parents and I took him back to the hotel. In the car, he leaned on my shoulder, smirking and muttering to himself in Shanghainese, which I didn't understand, while my parents-in-law looked serious and frightening. I helped him to bed and settled him down. My mother-in-law said that my father-in-law had something to talk to me. It was the first time I met Gann's father. This is the first time I have met a businessman who manages such a big company. His appearance is not strict, but gentle and refined, a very bookish feeling, not like the businessman I imagined. But I don't know why, sitting in front of him,Thyroid Powder Factory, I felt a chill on my back, and even my hair seemed to stand up. Gann told me your name is Shen Duo, isn't it? He pushed his glasses and said. pioneer-biotech.com


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