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One of the Largest Exporters of Mango Pulp in India : Shimla Hills

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Amidst the vibrant mosaic of India’s agricultural landscape, Shimla Hills is a renowned name in delighting palates worldwide with its delectable processed mango pulp. Being one of the largest exporters of mango pulp in India, Shimla Hills offers more than just a product. They deliver a slice of tropical paradise, carefully curated from the selected mangoes infused with the genuine essence of Indian agriculture.

Mango Pulp: Shimla Hills’ Commitment

Being one of the biggest mango exporters in India, Shimla Hills is strongly dedicated to naturalness and purity. Carefully selected best-quality mangoes undergo rigorous processing to retain the fruit’s natural taste and nutritional value intact. That too without the use of any artificial preservatives, sweeteners, or additives.

Our guarantee to offer superior quality products ensures that every spoonful of mango pulp carries the pure goodness of nature. This makes our natural food offering a guilt-free treat for health-conscious consumers.

A Variety of Processed Mango Pulps by Shimla Hills

We provide a wide repertoire of processed mango pulp varieties, each differentiated with this unique flavour profile:

  • Alphonso: Commonly referred to as the “King of Mangoes,” Alphonso mango pulp boasts an aromatic, rich sweetness. Hence, it’s mostly adored by mango lovers. Due to its tropical aroma, natural sweetness, and vibrant hue, Alphonso mango is widely popular in making myriad of beverages and desserts.
  • Kesar: Identified with its saffron-like colour and delectable sweetness, Kesar mango pulp is popularly useful in making traditional Indian sweets, such as shrikhand and kulfi. Even Shimla Hills’ Kesar mango pulp is a convenient way to prepare a variety of desserts, beverages, and other recipes with natural mango flair. 
  • Totapuri: Due to its tangy-sweet flavour with hints of citrus tinge, Totapuri mango pulp is perfect for creating tangy recipes. For instance, it’s great for preparing zesty mango pickles, chutneys, and refreshing drinks.
  • Raspuri: Exuding a fruity, tropical flavour with a slight tartness, Raspuri mango pulp captures the essence of summer in every bite. Hence, it’s ideal for preparing refreshing mango cocktails and juices.

Shimla Hills: Making a Difference Globally

Shimla Hills’s persistent dedication to delivering premium quality has catapulted them onto the international scene. Their processed mango pulps grace the tables of over 50 nations worldwide. It means that mango lovers can enjoy the abundance of Indian mangoes anywhere.

Be it the energetic New York City, the busy streets of London, or the breathtaking tranquil landscapes of Japan, Shimla Hills delivers products worldwide. For that, Shimla Hills works closely with native farmers to form sustainable partnerships. This way, they work towards advancing their ethical agricultural practices while guaranteeing equitable livelihoods for farmers. Hence, the company maintains a strong bond with local communities as well.


In terms of exporting mango pulp, Shimla Hills shines as a model of quality, perfectly capturing the many tastes and rich cultural legacy of India’s bountiful harvest. One spoonful of mango pulp at a time, Shimla Hills is redefining the limits of culinary delight with its constant dedication to quality, sustainability, and innovation.


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