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Created by Eiichiro Oda, One Piece is about to complete 1000 chapters, which speak volumes about its influences on the manga/anime industry in the last two decades. The story has been created with every detail in mind, so it is not unusual for the series to have a reason behind every minor detail. One of the most debated and hotly contested topics is the missing eye of Rorona Zoro. Until now, no one knows what the story behind it is, and it is better that way if one thinks about it deeply. 

Although the story behind Zoro’s injured eye is undoubtedly an interesting one, since there is no information, the fans have come up with their theories and showcased their creativity. This lack of information is the reason behind some of the most amazing fanart and fanfiction. It would not be wrong to say that this creativity makes up the core of the fandom, so once the secret behind Zoro’s missing eye is revealed, all those creative works will become redundant. 

Zoro’s missing eye is a mystery that is yet to be solved, but the fans know the circumstances surrounding the incident. During the two-year time skip, every member of the Straw Hat was driven to become stronger and dedicated a lot of time to training. Zoro, during this time, was lucky enough to train with Dracule Mihawk, the strongest swordsman in One Piece world. However, after this, how Zoro ended up losing his eye and how it all happened is still not known to this day.

If there were someone else, it would have been easy to conclude that the character has just been given a design change. But people who are familiar with Oda and his work know that he never does anything accidentally. Although the fans have eagerly waited for a long time to get an explanation, it is odd that the characters have hardly acknowledged his injury. Although it is common for characters to get injured in One Piece, losing an eye is not ordinary. With no explanation for a long time, fans created their own.

Even without his left eye, Zoro’s ability to overcome one challenge after another is hardly hindered. He continues to impress as he walks the path to become the greatest swordsman in the world. One of the fans created a backstory for Zoro’s left eye. While training with Mihawk, despite showing some progress in his early training, he is humbled by the teacher and loses his eye in the process. Although it’s just fan theory but keeping their personalities in mind, it can happen. Another popular fan made a YouTube video in which he discussed five different theories that could have been behind Zoro’s lost eye.

The mystery of the lost eye has worked for the series. It has inspired fans to fill in the lack of information and suspense with their theories. The fans keep coming back, hoping that there might finally be an update about the lost eye, but that never happens as One Piece has demonstrated that mystery can be a source for creativity. The space for suspense has open endless opportunities, and the creative content that has resulted is impressive. Therefore, One Piece is better off keeping the story behind Zoro’s lost eye a secret. 

Source: One Piece: Zoro’s Missing Eyes and Fan Theories


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