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Many of us may say that there is nothing like OnePlus 9 Pro in the market. So, is there any speculation? Yes, it is. The OnePlus 9 Pro release is about a month or two away, but there is a new leak about this smartphone every day. Now, the news has come that the OnePlus 9 Pro will have a 45W reverse charging feature. And, because it is an OnePlus smartphone, it will support fast charging too. Let’s explore, extract, and dig more from this latest development.

How’s the news come out?

The news about the charging feature in OnePlus 9 Pro broke from a blog written by Max Jambor. Jambor has been the key person who has been clearing the air around the new OnePlus smartphone. With his blog, Max Jambor stated that the upcoming smartphone from OnePlus would have a 45W fast charging support with reverse wireless charging technology. Before this, Max Jambor also came up with the news of the OnePlus 9 Pro’s IP rating. The Ingress Protection of the OnePlus 9 Pro is IP68. Hence, this smartphone can withstand dirt, dust, and sand. Apart from this, it can also resist submersion if the smartphone gets into a depth of 1.5m underwater for thirty minutes. OnePlus 9 Pro is the second in the line of the OnePlus 9 series. OnePlus will also release OnePlus 9E soon.

What is reverse wireless charging technology?

In layman’s terms, wireless charging is the transfer of energy (or power for a particular time) to a device using electromagnetic induction. And reverse wireless charging technology means that the device has the energy or power, and it transforms itself from a power receiver into a power transmitter. Thus, it transmits or transfers the power to the receiver. It is like the smartphone itself working as a charger and charging other smartphones or gadgets. This technology is currently at its initial phase and demands more deliberation and calibration to give more consolidated results. 

How reverse charging influences the smartphone’s capacity?

  • It enhances and increases the battery capacity of a smartphone. It is because smartphones now need power for their batteries and generate and transfer energy to other smartphones. After the multi-charging concept gets adoption and acceptance as an industrial practice, smartphone manufacturers will be compelled to add or increase the battery capacity.
  • It will expand the convenience and mobility for the users. For different gadgets, people have to carry all the chargers so that the battery power maintains its sustainability. One cannot like the mishaps if any of the devices get discharged during journeys. With the reverse charging concept, one needs to carry fewer chargers. Thus, the mobility for any user increases anyhow.
  • The low-power transfer in smartphones somewhere affects the charging time to charge other gadgets using reverse charging technology. Hence, there is a need for “fast reverse charging technology” because it can be time-consuming sometimes. 
  • Another big challenge with the reverse charging technology is that the gadgets that want to get charged should be compatible with Qi wireless technology.

How is OnePlus 9 Pro better than other smartphones?

As per the current updates and whatever information is available in the public domain, it is very early to predict the features that provide an edge to the OnePlus 9 Pro. But, the features like reverse wireless charging technology give it a unique space in the smartphone market that has very few mobiles supporting this technology in the current scenario. Apart from this, the 45W fast charging support makes it better than the OnePlus 8 series smartphones, forget others for the time being.


It is the initial stage of the OnePlus 9 Pro, which has yet to hit the consumer electronics market in the next few months. OnePlus is a renowned institution that delivers many more enriched features with their products and accessories. More information and a clear picture about the same will be out soon when this new smartphone from OnePlus will be in the users’ hands. So, till then, sit tight and wait for more updates.

Source  :- https://webnroot.citywikia.com/oneplus-9-pro-to-feature-45w-fast-charging-and-reverse-charging/


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