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The cell phone repair as we affectionately call it CPR. This is a business with many stores throughout the United States and we provide support for cell phones of any make and model you crack your screen water damage the phone won't charge any of those things’ battery replacements. In addition to that, we give you the real as like as your main cell phone parts cover a game systems ps3, Xbox any of those type systems we can repair just about anything basically we can do any electronic handheld device we do a lot of iPad repairs tablet repairs and we have done cameras we can even clean in cell phone parts repair DVDs Blu-ray. The cell phone parts near me if you scratch them we can bring them in we can fix them up with we see a lot of broken glass on phones Samsung's and iPhone as we see lately we're seeing a new. LG phones if it's not that it'll be power buttons people they just wear out like charge ports where you're plugging your wire. A lot of times don't realize you can replace that part some people don't even realize you can replace batteries. On things like iPhones which we do a lot of frequent bases obviously our clientele tends to be a little bit younger. That doesn't mean we won't get customers and you know at any age because we get people of all ages like 18 to 80 years old can come in with flip phones. We still do repair flip phones but the majority of our customers have smartphones and they either tend to be business professionals.

The Cell Phone Repair Parts: 

They tend to be students or high school or college that type of thing we make sure our technicians go through two weeks formal training. At the franchise and then they get six months training with a senior technician before we let them really go crazy on somebody's phone we also back all our repairs as a six month warranty and to do that and we obviously we need to be doing the job right the first time and we need to be buying original equipment cell phone parts so that if they fail and they come back we know we can replace. The cell phone parts near my shop send it back or our suppliers we think our biggest distinction is customer service speed we try to turn a phone around within 60 to 90 minutes. We also try to provide service if people have problems with data transfers or they just don't know how to use their phone we'll spend the time to try to help them do that we like to make sure.


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