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It has been a long time since the Toyota Avanza has succeeded in stealing the hearts of the people of Indonesia. How could it not, since it was introduced at the 2003 Indonesia International Motor Show, the name Toyota Avanza has immediately risen across the archipelago thanks to its success, selling more than 10,000 units.

The success rate achieved to win the title as one of the most favorite LMPV cars is not without reason. This rebadge from Daihatsu Xenia is indeed believed to have a myriad of conveniences and durability that are considered good enough to keep him chosen.

For that we want to explain the reasons why the Toyota Avanza is still chosen, even though the matter of comfort is below its competitors.

Toyota Avanza A minimalist form is still an option

Toyota again provides a refresher on the Avanza in early 2019. Toyota New Avanza, for its current designation, is known to still use the same platform as the second generation Avanza released in 2012.

There you can see the grooves on the body still maintain the shape of the second generation. Where from the side there is nothing special. A slight curve is visible over the rear wheels thanks to the drawn line that arises on the front passenger door.

It's just that in the fascia and stern sector, the Toyota Avanza 2020 now looks more modern thanks to changes and the addition of several accents. Where the lighting system now uses LED bohlamp which is believed to be more efficient in power usage and increases the visibility of the driver at night.

And a minimalist form like this is favored by some Indonesian consumers, especially men aged 40 years and over who do not want to look adventurous.

Toyota Avanza Easy in terms of maintenance

The car of a million people, the Toyota Avanza is indeed famous for its convenience, especially in terms of maintenance. Even some roadside workshops can handle it when suddenly the car has problems traveling.

Given the Toyota Avanza electrical system is still fairly conventional, even though as a whole it has been arranged using a computer. In this case, this is done considering that in general the owner of the Toyota Avanza is a transition from the previous Toyota Kijang.

Toyota Avanza It's easy to get spare parts

Not only in official workshops, you can find Toyota Avanza spare parts easily. This is because spare parts for the Toyota Avanza are widespread throughout the archipelago. Not only big shops, but small shops across the country also provide these three oval-cut spare parts.

Toyota Avanza Spare parts prices are fairly cheap in its class

The Toyota Avanza is still considered the cheapest when it comes to spare parts prices compared to its competitors. Taken for example, for the clutch lining or also known as a clutch disc or clutch plate, it costs IDR 400 thousand a set along with the deck and the bearings.

While its rival, the Suzuki Ertiga, for a set clutch lining excluding installation costs, is offered at a price of IDR 700 thousand.

Another example, brake lining. Disc brake pads or Toyota Avanza brake pads are sold at low prices. Like the price of motorcycle brake pads, Toyota Avanza disc brake pads are sold for IDR 70,000.

Its competitor, the Suzuki Ertiga, has double the price, which is IDR 150,000.

Toyota Avanza uses rear wheel drive

Well-known automotive manufacturers in the country generally issue LMPV type vehicles using the front wheels as the main tool that makes the car go.

There are at least four LMPVs here, Suzuki Ertiga, Mitubishi Xpander , Honda Mobilio and Nissan Livina which use the front tires to receive the torque supplied by the engine via the transmission.

In terms of comfort, a car with front wheel drive is superior. However, in terms of handling and the ability to eat contoured roads, rear-wheel drive cars outperform in this respect.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the Toyota Avanza is more attractive to Indonesian consumers, especially people who live in remote areas.

Toyota Avanza Two engine variants are offered

Unlike its competitors who have one type of engine, it is known that the current generation of the Toyota Avanza is offered with two engine options, namely 1.3L and 1.5L.

The 1.3L variant has specification data of 1 NR-VE 4-cylinder inline, 16 Valve DOHC Dual VVT-i. This 1,329 cc engine is capable of releasing 96.5 PS @ 6,000 Rpm of power at a torque of 12.3 Kgm @ 4,200 Rpm.

Unlike the engine variants above, the choice of the second engine is bigger, namely the 1.5L 2 NR-VE 4-cylinder inline, 16 Valve DOHC Dual VVT-i. according to data on paper this machine has a capacity of 1,496 cc which can spit out power of 104 PS @ 6,000 Rpm with a maximum torque of 13.8 Kgm @ 4,200 Rpm.

Oh yes, for driving style options, both are presented with two variants of 4-speed automatic and 5-speed manual transmission.

The price of a used Toyota Avanza is fairly stable

Among the four LMPV names mentioned above, the Toyota Avanza is a versatile family car that has a stable used price. Where as a comparison with the Suzuki Ertiga (its closest competitor) we take an example in the same year of production in 2015, the Toyota Avanza was sold for IDR 125 million.

Meanwhile, the used Suzuki Ertiga is sold cheaper than the Toyota Avanza, where the car made by the automotive manufacturer with the “S” logo is offered for IDR 115 million.


Various reasons Indonesian people prefer the Toyota Avanza over some of its competitors that have been mentioned. Apart from having undoubted after sales service, dealers spread across the archipelago, the Toyota Avanza is easier in terms of maintenance and easy to get spare parts.

But the general weakness that exists in this million-person car is its suspension which sometimes makes the passengers behind it uncomfortable. In addition, the Toyota Avanza is considered to be a little more wasteful in fuel consumption than its competitors, because it is required to go through several parts to flow power from the engine to the rear wheel drive.


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