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I can't see that he is supposed to be a very busy CEO, and he is young enough to be in charge of such a restaurant. Who called fantasy international is his family, no one said he wanted to be lazy, and he would not be dismissed. In fact, this is a misunderstanding of rice freehand brushwork, Mo Yan is a responsible person, not to mention the parents are extremely demanding, if he really did not do well, his CEO would have been dismissed long ago, where there are millions of annual salaries to invite her to eat. After eating, Mo Yan did not immediately send the rice home, and when he got along with the girl, he felt inexplicably comfortable and relaxed. He liked her very much, but he knew that it was just a kind of brother's love for his sister. Two people walked around Huaihai Road, a handsome man in a suit with a lovely beautiful girl, attracted many people can not help but look over. Tired of playing,DIN screw plug, Mi sat in his car and fell asleep on Mo Yan's shoulder. 50. The Mo family When he came, he found that he was not at home. Although her family is rich, it is not yet luxurious. Although the layout of this room is very simple and generous, but looking at the pure white carpet under her feet, Mi freehand brushwork under her feet is definitely not cheaper than the antique celadon her father bought. There is only one possibility, Mo Yan. Pushing open the delicate fragrant wooden door,Steel investment casting, I found that the big room I lived in was just the inner room of another room. In that big and a little exaggerated room, there is a big white bed, next to the computer is on, beside the computer is placed a connected Xianxia legend game warehouse. At the end of the bed, there was a long tube, and at the end of the tube was a big bag of red drip. If you want to play games for a long time without interruption, you can use this nutrient solution, as described in the instructions of the game warehouse in the office. However, no matter how good the nutrient solution is, it can only last for a week. I can't see that Mo Yan is so extravagant. But does he really have that much time to play games? What is the use of nutrient solution for him as an office worker? There is no one in the room. The snow-white walls, the snow-white bed, metal stamping parts ,CNC machining parts, the transparent glass French windows were penetrated by the brilliant sunshine, and the thin gauze fell on the pure white carpet, which made the black game warehouse look so striking and abrupt. There was no one in the room, but the indicator light of the game bin was on. Close in curiosity. The beautiful pale man lay in the black game room, his naked skin shining and his eyebrows closed. Are you asleep or playing games? Only the upper part of his body can be seen. Perhaps in order to prevent someone from suddenly breaking in and peeping at the players who use the game bin and nutrient solution, the lower half of the bin door is not transparent, covering the lower body. Rice freehand brushwork Leng Leng looked at the sleeping man in the game warehouse? Mo Yan.. I felt my chest suddenly begin to beat crazily, as if I had found some secret. But something is different. At least last night when she looked at Mo Yan, it was like looking at her brother. But now Mo Yan is so different-let her heartbeat so intense. He lay so still and pale in the playroom, his beautiful eyes closed like a sleeping beauty. And she's not a prince. He's playing a game. He's in a game. She was surprised and flustered by this realization. I stared at him for a long time. Mi freehand brushwork suddenly rushed out of the room. Her new clothes were wrinkled by sleeping, her hair was a little messy, and there were still traces of dried saliva around her mouth. The maid in charge of cleaning outside the door saw her suddenly come out of the room. I was stunned for a moment. Looking back at the girl who had run down the stairs, she opened her mouth, but said nothing, and then looked suspiciously at the door of the room that had been opened. Why is she in the eldest young master's room? She gently opened the door and shook her head. She shouldn't be in charge of some things. The living room of the Mo family is a warm yellow tone. Simple and generous but expensive imported log furniture. Light yellow leather sofa, tea table made of glazed granite, pure white silk tablecloth. And the beautiful woman who smiled at her at the table. Rice freehand brushwork stayed for a long time, then severely pinched his thigh. It hurts, which means it's all true. Mo. Elder sister Trying to open his mouth, Mi looked at the real version of Mo Junlin in front of him in disbelief. I almost bit my tongue. Will the shrewish and forthright Wudang Headmaster's wife be the lady in front of her who is in a mess? “Miss Mi is really good at talking.” The Obasan-level beauty smiled faintly, her brown eyes were clear and bright, and she seemed to have a stream of light: “Where can I be your sister?”. I'm Mo Yan's mother, Mo Junlin. Just call me aunt. “Auntie.” Her name is Mo Junlin, too! Mi looked at her suspiciously. My head is starting to get a little confused. It seems that everything in the game has come to reality. First, there were two uncles who looked like NPC, then Mo Yan, who looked like his master, and then this beautiful lady. Is it because the Mo family is very beautiful. Do you design NPCs according to their appearance? Or maybe it's.. They may ask for it themselves. Miss Mi, you're welcome. Haven't you washed yet? I'll ask the servant to take you. Mi nodded and said, “Auntie.”. Just call me freehand brushwork. After washing up, I changed into a set of white home clothes-although I don't like such pure things all the time, but I can't help it. It seems that all the clothes prepared for the guests here are like this-I went back to the living room. Books . Net -Whole.. Reason . Mention . Supply Then I was surprised to find that Mo Yan had come out of the game and was sitting beside Mrs. Mo talking to her. He was wearing a white casual shirt, trousers of the same color, and a shallow smile on his clean face, with a slight warmth. I got up so early. Raise eyebrows, in fact, this girl is very suitable for white,car radiator cap, but she seems to prefer lovely things, resulting in a large cabinet of clothes are all childish and lovely to invincible. You're early, too. Mi looked at him plaintively. “Why don't you send me home? Please don't say anything. Wait for me to be wordy.” It's definitely time to start training again. 。 autoparts-dx.com


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