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Chances are your warehouse could benefit from some spring cleaning. It provides an opportunity to organize supply, evaluate and fine-tune procedures, and get some deep cleaning done. It’s also an ideal opportunity to update your material handling equipment and processes so your team can be as efficient as possible. That includes everything from upgrading to a high-quality and specially customized 2 wheel dolly fleet to making powered hand trucks part of your material handling fleet. With these tips, you can reduce unnecessary labor, boost efficiency, and improve safety—great news for you and your employees.

Clear and Define Paths for Material Handling Gear

Creating and defining clear, obvious paths for material handling equipment should be a priority for every warehouse and distribution center. That’s especially true if the equipment includes vehicles like forklifts. Now is your chance to define set and distinct paths for foot traffic and vehicle traffic. Ensure that those paths are free of both obstructions on the ground and any obstructions to the view of employees on foot and in vehicles. This will help keep everyone safe while streamlining your entire daily operation.

Update Your Current Material Handling Equipment

If the material handling fleet in your warehouse is not made up of high-quality name-brand equipment, remedy that during the spring cleaning. Beyond being safer and more reliable, higher-quality equipment often saves money. It lasts longer and provides you with access to trustworthy replacement parts should any of them be damaged or worn out—that’s less expensive than replacing the whole thing. Importantly, it also allows you to customize your traditional or appliance hand truck fleet to your specific requirements.

Create a Zone Cleaning Plan with Clear Deadlines

Two primary reasons to break a warehouse’s spring-cleaning project into zones are to organize the process and make it less overwhelming for management and floor workers. It also helps to clarify the specific tasks of employees per zone. Be sure to set expectations by assigning explicit deadlines for all project tasks and phases.

Upgrade Your Material Handling Equipment

A thorough spring cleaning is also the perfect time to upgrade your material handling fleet. What are you missing? For example, adding a first-rate powered hand truck to the fleet could significantly boost your operation’s efficiency. A motorized hand truck allows employees to easily haul loads weighing up to 1,000 pounds over virtually any terrain. With a hitch attachment, one can be used to tow a trailer a short distance, which might be a huge benefit for your organization.

There are other options to consider. For example, a hand lift truck can lift and move up to 350 pounds, and they can be used in place of forklifts, reducing vehicle traffic on the floor. Or if your team encounters stairs regularly, a powered stair climbing hand truck can vastly increase efficiency for delivery or transportation crews. It’s also a major time, strain, and labor-saver if anything heavy needs to be moved up or down stairways in the warehouse.

Use Spring Cleaning to Identify Efficiency Issues

Finally, your warehouse’s spring cleaning provides a chance to identify and hopefully rectify efficiency issues and bottlenecks. Are there areas where productivity is suffering? Could it be improved with reorganization or by providing employees with more effective tools or material handling equipment? Fixing those problems often significantly improves productivity.

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