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GPS signals are the main way to control drones. Generally speaking, in the process of signal propagation, there is a certain distance between the remote control and the drone, and the signal is relatively weak at this time. Therefore, it is easier to use drone jammer against drones at this time, and it is also easier to jam GPS signals. Most consumer drones choose GPS signals for flight control, and these GPS signals are not encrypted, and drone jammers seize this vulnerability to take action. Currently, drones can land or return by sending strong jamming signals and suppressing control signals. on this principle. The device can send a full-frequency jamming signal to the drone after the drone is powered on, so that it can land automatically without operator control without receiving any control signals, ensuring the safety of the protected area.

portable drone jammer

Now, some secret areas have “no-fly zones”. Many drone manufacturers have built-in components with “no-fly zones” that prevent drones from flying in certain areas. Even flying into the “no-fly zone” from elsewhere can cause the drone to land itself. To this end, as long as the drone signal jammer simulates the GPS ground signal and determines the geographic location, the drone can make a forced landing. At present, domestic UAV jamming technology is still in the development stage. Due to the continuous updating of drone technology by drone manufacturers, the current technology mainly uses signal shielding for drone interference.

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