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Optrel Panoramaxx CLT Black Crystal Welding Helmet Near Me

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Optrel Panoramaxx CLT Black Crystal Welding Helmet is useful for welding

Optrel panoramaxx CLT black crystals that is geometrically inaccessible for fixing the terminal; a set of templates for testing welds – control of the parameters of welded joints. Optrel Welding Helmet welding methods are classified according to many parameters, including the degree of mechanization, and are mainly carried out using consumables. In manual arc electric welding, electrodes of various chemical compositions and coating thickness, diameter, and a number of operational characteristics are used. All consumables are marked in accordance with the requirements of GOST and are easily recognized by specialists. For semi-automatic operation, a welding wire is used that corresponds to the type of welding and the characteristics of the material being welded. The basic minimum of welder's accessories provides the possibility of effective work with metal in domestic and industrial conditions. 

Uses of Optrel Panoramaxx CLT Black Crystal Welding Helmet

According to statistics, one in five injuries Optrel Welding Protection occurs at work is head injuries. Such injuries occur due to the fall of the person himself, mechanical impact, or man-made accident. As a result, the employee loses health and ability to work. To minimize the risks, the Labor Code obligated the heads of a number of construction and manufacturing industries to provide their employees with protective helmets. The issuance is made on the day of admission to work. On the same day, instruction is also given on how to use personal protective equipment. There are many types of protective helmets. For their manufacture, high-pressure polyethylene, thermoplastic, fiberglass, polycarbonate are used. For each type of activity, it is recommended to use a helmet made of one or another material. So, helmets made of impact-resistant or polyethylene are suitable for construction and underground work. If the work is related to chemicals, it is better to choose a PVC-based thermoplastic product. Welders, metallurgists, and other professionals whose work is associated with high temperatures should protect their heads with helmets made of heat-resistant materials.

Advantages of Optrel Panoramaxx CLT Black Crystal Welding Helmet

The advantages of welding helmets, the Labor Code of the Welding Helmet Federation, only certified helmets can be used to perform work in production. Such models, in addition to the main body and visor, have internal equipment – fixing tapes, shock absorber, softening tape. Also, the helmet can be equipped with a chin guard, anti-noise elements, a shield, a screen for the eyes. For work in the winter season, some models have removable insulation. When choosing helmets for workers, you need to make sure that these are special-purpose products, that they meet safety standards, and have a Russian quality certificate. The surface of the housing must be smooth, without cracks and roughness, the thickness of the plastic must be at least 2 mm. The inner part should also not have bulges and bumps. When trying on a helmet, the worker must make sure that it fits snugly to the head and is fixed with tapes without obstacles. The service life of the helmet depends on the type and material of manufacture. Helmets that are often exposed to high temperatures or aggressive agents are usually used for no more than three years. Polycarbonate construction helmets are more impact-resistant and weather resistant and can last much longer. It is important to remember that a damaged helmet cannot be repaired – it must be replaced with a new one. 


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