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Oral Chelation v/s Heart Diseases

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Chelation therapy is a new advancement in the technology of biomedicine that works on the principle of binding the cheating agent to the impurities of the blood. With this method, one can get rid of the metal-based impurities of the body that can prove to be toxic in the longer run. It is a programme of repeated intravenous administration of an agent or an oral pill, ethylene diamine tetraacetic acid(EDTA). It is given in combination with vitamins and minerals and therefore has been touted as a safe and effective treatment for atherosclerotic vascular disease. 

Oral chelation and the Heart:

Oral chelation therapy for heart diseases is gaining speed in the treatment of multiple heart-related problems. As a general account, the medication sticks to metals in the bloodstream, thereby resulting in the formation of a complex compound that is then removed by the body by the extreme filtration by the kidneys. The reason for using this medical procedure for the treatment of heart diseases is because of the fact that the chelating medicine sticks to the calcium found in the fatty deposits(plaques) in the arteries. EDTA chelation therapy for artery plaques is thus found to be effective in thinning the deposits on the walls of the vessels and improving the efficiency of the flow of blood. 

Irrespective of the immense benefits of the chelating drug the efficiency of the chelating drugs for the treatment of heart diseases stands controversial. Let us understand the what information we have so far:

  • Enough evidence was not provided by the TACT report to support the routine use of the drug to deal with heart diseases. However, it was found to provide mild protection against future cardiovascular events, namely, strokes, plaques, etc, for patients suffering from diabetes. 
  • Thus, TACT2 specifically focused on oral chelation therapy for heart diseases for diabetes patients and the drug was found effective for the same.

With the use of the EDTA drug, one can thereby tackle a lot of complications with an aim to rejuvenate the body and its bodily functions. As we are already well aware that blood is the connective tissue of the body and it supplies all the nutrients and oxygen, therefore, one has to keep a check on the fact that it remains free of toxins. This will thereby ensure the body to recuperate, regenerate and function normally all over again. 


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